As you are no doubt aware, Tammy Lynn Sytch, otherwise known as WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to do a sex tape. Not only that, but Vivid has capitlized on the hype by releasing it yesterday. 

There are a lot of issues that come with Sytch’s decision to work with Vivid Entertainment. It’s a personal choice, and while some may, few are going to judge her on her right to make a decision on her career.

However, since it affects WWE goes directly against the grain of the kind of image the company wishes to present, a decision is going to have to be made about Sytch’s status.

The biggest issue of this situation is that Sunny was wearing her WWE Hall of Fame ring during the sex tape. This ring is the same one she was recently trying to sell because she was “trying to move on” from that part of her life.

This next statement is not an attack, but she’ll say that, and then she’ll wear the ring during a sex tape that she was able to negotiate because of her WWE career and Hall of Fame status.

That is a massive slap in the face to WWE as a brand because her choices not only affect the company, but it’s disrespectful to a company that wants a clean image.

Ultimately, WWE gave her the ring and Hall of Fame status, so what Sytch does with those gifts are her choice. For better or worse, WWE giving someone a Hall of Fame ring makes them stand behind that person to represent the company properly.

It’s not like Sunny has actively been involved in WWE television recently. In fact, she hasn’t been featured in new WWE content since her Hall of Fame induction in 2011. But her celebrity is still tied to the company, so her actions are going to be reflected on the company.

Sytch needs to do what she thinks is right for her career and her life. No one is going to blame her for making a choice, but there are going to be consequences from within the wrestling industry.

The Hulk Hogan situation is a perfect example because we are still actively talking about him despite WWE not mentioning him. One day, Hogan’s life will be clean and he’ll be forgiven.

Sytch’s situation is going to be much more difficult because WWE is going to ostracize her, but it’ll likely stay that way for the rest of her career and life.

It’s complicated situation, but it’s probable that WWE will strip her of her Hall of Fame status and then refuse to acknowledge her on WWE programming again.


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