Last night on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, the current WWE Divas Champion Charlotte had a match with Brie Bella. The end of the match came when the end of the match came when Charlotte was distracted by Ric Flair on the apron trying to get involved in the match. Her father’s tactics have worked numerous times over the last few months, but last night they failed. Brie Bella got the win over Charlotte with a roll-up.

The Raw announce team heavily pushed Brie after the win and made claims that she should be considered for a Divas Championship shot after getting a surprising win over the champ.

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The booking and selling of Brie Bella last night has lead to a lot of speculation that WWE is planning to have Brie Bella vs. Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship at “Fastlane”.


There’s nothing wrong with that match, but it’s strange booking since Sasha Banks went solo and made her claim for the Divas title at the “Royal Rumble”. It doesn’t seem like Becky Lynch, and Charlotte are done feuding either.

If you had to guess based off last night’s Raw, it’ll be Banks and Lynch vs. Naomi and Tamina on the card as well. That’s a solid match, but it comes off like WWE is putting the “bigger” match on the backburner until Wrestlemania, which doesn’t make sense since they wanted to make “Fastlane” a bigger PPV. 


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