There was a rumor before the “Royal Rumble” that Vince McMahon was making a hard push for The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement for that event or even for Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

Obviously, HBK didn’t appear at the “Royal Rumble”, but the rumors are still coming that Vince McMahon is pushing hard for him to be involved with Wrestlemania in a major role in some way.

It’s extremely unlikely that Shawn Michaels will wrestle in April or ever again in this business, but there are many scenarios where HBK could be of use to the show.

The most likely scenario on the Wrestlemania card would be for Michaels to get involved in the main event WWE title match between Triple H and Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, or Brock Lesnar.

It’s been heavily rumored that it will be Reigns vs. Triple H in that match. However, there is more speculation that The Rock may be in Reigns corner during the match, which leaves Shawn Michaels the option to be in The Game’s corner for the match.

His involvement would no doubt bring a lot of extra intrigue to the match and give us a Wrestlemania confrontation between Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

Many consider a match between the two as a dream scenario, and this could be the chance to get as close as possible given all the circumstances of Rock’s commitments to Hollywood and HBK’s retirement status.


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