Last night on Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles made an appearance on MizTV. Unfortunately, the segment had Miz talk down to Styles for the duration of it until Styles snapped to set up a match between the two for this week’s edition of Smackdown.

On paper, this is a smart booking decision. WWE wants to present Smackdown as an important show that continues WWE storylines for the USA Network. That’s good and using Raw to preview Smackdown is a good way to make Smackdown feel important.

However, AJ Styles shouldn’t be sitting in a chair, not wrestling on Raw getting yelled at by The Miz. He should be wrestling anyone and everyone. He’s one of the few guys that can get away with not having to do promos.

WWE could have accomplished the same angle for Smackdown by having Styles wrestle anyone on the roster, but have Miz try to cost him the match and fail. Why would Miz interfere in Styles’ match? Simple, he has the spotlight, and Miz wants it.

According to, it looks like WWE may be planning Miz vs. Styles to last longer than this Thursday. Apparently, the plan is for their feud to last through “Fastlane”.

The rumored feeling within WWE is Styles needs to get over in WWE by defeating strong competitors in good matches on the Road to Wrestlemania.

They’re right, but The Miz being that guy to get AJ over is a matter of debate. Especially with Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens just sitting in the midcard spinning their wheels.


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