There has been some debate about Ronda Rousey’s upcoming title opportunity against Nia Jax at Money in the Bank. A lot of people don’t believe she deserves a chance at the Raw Women’s Championship already. Others actually understand that it’s just business.

WWE officials have been working hard to establish Nia Jax as a threat to Ronda Rousey in their feud. She had a great showing against Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania. A match against Jax is going to be different. It’s unlikely that Rousey will lose a match this early in her wrestling career, but WWE officials have something huge planned for her.

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According to a report from RingSideNews, the plan for Jax vs. Rousey at Money in the Bank is for Natalya to win the briefcase during the Women’s Money in the Bank Match and then cash-in on Ronda moments after she defeats Nia and becomes the champion.

The “friendship” between Natalya and Rousey has been heavily played up on television since the former moved to Raw. Since “The Queen of Hearts” was a heel on SmackDown Live, the face turn was a bit awkward. Her turning against Rousey at Money in the Bank would make sense. After that, we’d most likely see Natalya vs. Rousey at Extreme Rules.

WWE has relied on her opponents to build rivalries with Ronda Rousey thus far:

Nia Jax plays mind games with Ronda Rousey: Raw, May 28, 2018

WWE officials would easily be able to defend Ronda’s loss to Natalya. She’s still adapting to the rules of WWE. Natalya will have used the briefcase against her. Rousey would be protected in her loss. She would also technically be a former WWE Women’s Champion.

If that’s the plan for Jax vs. Rousey at Money in the Bank, it’s sure to be a controversial decision. However, her critics might appreciate Ronda taking the loss. It could earn her some favor with the fans until she takes the championship off Natalya at Summerslam.

Would you be upset if Ronda Rousey won the title at Money in the Bank?



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