Since returning to Monday Night Raw, it’s become apparent that WWE officials will turn Dean Ambrose heel sooner rather than later. The WWE Universe is anticipating his heel turn and it’s been heavily teased on WWE programming. However, The Lunatic Fringe’s betrayal of The Shield is coming and everyone is trying to predict when it will happen.

According to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, the most likely event for Ambrose to turn heel is Survivor Series. WWE officials are clearly booking the angle for the long-term. The storyline just needs to build to an appropriate point where Dean betrayal has meaning instead of happening at random. WWE officials don’t want it to be predictable.

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Unfortunately, the powers that be have booked themselves into a corner. WWE fans are just waiting for the turn to happen. It’s won’t be a shock angle like Seth Rollins was back in 2014. If WWE officials wanted to surprise the fans, they should have booked the turn to happen on his first night back on TV. Now, it’s about lying in wait for the right time.

Survivor Series is logical because the powers that be likely want The Shield together for ‘Crown Jewel.’ It’s also a bigger PPV to set up a bigger match for Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose turning heel should be one of the biggest storylines on WWE television through WrestleMania 35 unless the booking takes a very bad turn.

Dean Ambrose returns before SummerSlam: Raw, Aug. 13, 2018

Until Survivor Series, it seems The Lunatic Fringe will continue to some plant seeds for the angle on Raw. His entire demeanor has been different since his return. That’s a big character change that can continue until WWE officials are ready to pull the trigger.

Are you excited for Dean Ambrose to turn heel?



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