She’s not going to win any popularity awards from the WWE Universe, but her heel heat is strong enough that she could challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship despite not being on the show for a few months. That’s not easily done.

There is going to be a lot of debate about what she deserves on WWE television, but it isn’t like she’s been sitting on the sidelines for three months. Eva has been hard at work in Hollywood filming a movie with Nicolas Cage, and appears to be doing another one.

According to a report from, Eva Marie has wrapped the movie with Nic Cage, but her movie career will continue to surround the actor with her next movie called “Action #1” that is currently being filmed through the end of November.

The movie is filming in Vancouver and in British Columbia for the rest of the month and is summarized as “a comical look into a heist devised by 2 comic book store employees, who attempt steal the famous copy (of Action Comic No.1) from Nicolas Cage.”

Afterward, she’s likely to return to WWE television and SmackDown Live where she will is expected to get a sizable push because of her recent movie roles. You may dislike it, but don’t be surprised to see Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie in the near future.

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Do you want to see a feud between Eva Marie and Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s title?


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