It’s no secret that Bobby Roode hasn’t found the same level of success on the main roster that he found in TNA and NXT. There’s some debate about why that’s been the case, but a lot of people believe it’s Roode’s babyface run that has been anything but glorious.

The “Glorious” gimmick was designed to give him a heel dynamic with the audience. It’s not Roode’s fault his theme song is incredibly catchy. The NXT Universe treated him like a babyface, but the same rules don’t apply to the main roster’s audience. As a result, his babyface run on SmackDown came off stale because he is playing against the gimmick.

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As a result, Vince McMahon may have lost his interest in Roode as a main event player. However, that could all change after Money in the Bank. Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that WWE officials are planning a major heel turn for The Glorious One. His recent claims to “do whatever it takes to win” and overdoing his gimmick are seeds for his heel turn. It seems WWE officials want Roode’s heel turn to be a long-term storyline.

During his time on SmackDown Live, Bobby Roode competed and won the United States Championship for a brief run. After moving to Raw and turning heel, it’s very logical for Roode to work with Seth Rollins and challenge him for the IC Title. Rollins vs. Roode has a lot of potential to be something special, especially with a strong face vs. heel dynamic.

No one else can make an entrance look so glorious:

Bobby Roode's glorious entrance: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, only on WWE Network

That’s just one of the many possibilities for Roode as a heel on Raw. He would also have the chance to work with Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and others. It’s been reported WWE officials want The Miz to win the briefcase this year. However, Roode winning Money in the Bank could also be part of the plan.

Do you feel Bobby Roode would do much better on Raw as a heel?


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