If you ask me, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal should be one of the most important matches of the entire year.

It’s a once a year extravaganza at Wrestlemania, and there is only one winner. It should be considered a launching pad for a superstar to elevate their game to the next level.

That’s how Money in the Bank was seen when it first started, but that honor should go to the Battle Royal now. It should be used to create a new star that leads to a significant push after Wrestlemania every year.

For example, Cesaro won the first one. WWE tried to elevate him, but he was never given big wins and got overshadowed by his alliance with Paul Heyman after Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. They get credit for trying, but the timing wasn’t right.

Last year, Damien Sandow got one of the biggest reactions of the night when he turned on The Miz, but WWE decided to give the match to Big Show.

Sure, it makes sense for the modern day giant to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but look at where Damien Sandow is a year later and how Big Show capitalized on the win. That was a huge wasted opportunity.

The point is that winning the “Wrestlemania Battle Royal” should be really meaningful and lead to better things for the talent that wins it.

It’s another big moment for someone to become a star and the match like that shouldn’t be wasted on the pre-show where it’s an attraction rather than a match of great importance to the post-Wrestlemania landscape of WWE.

The rumors are claiming that Braun Strowman could win the match and receive a massive push afterward. That’s a big step in the right direction, but the winner deserves a push through Summerslam at the very least.

Who Should Win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal?


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