There have been multiple rumors over the past several weeks about what WWE Legends will make appearances at Wrestlemania.

One day, there is a rumor about Shawn Michaels doing this, or Stone Cold doing that. Many Legends will be involved in one-way shape or form, but there has been little to no word on what The Rock will be doing on the grandest stage of them all.

We know he’s doing something. He’s the only one that was announced months in advance and he’s even getting his own Wrestlemania promos.

The issue is that we’re roughly a fortnight away from Wrestlemania, but no one seems to know what The People’s Champion will be doing in Dallas.

According to the, neither does WWE.

It was reported back in early February that The Rock wouldn’t be available for much of the Road to Wrestlemania. Appearing at all would be a start considering there are two more Raws left before the big show.

Of course, none of that matters if The Rock had a big role to play at Wrestlemania that WWE could advertise. Instead, WWE is promoting that he will appear to do something, but we just can’t tell you what it is exactly.

The reason for that is because The Rock is apparently doing whatever he wants and WWE is giving him creative control for the show. It’s very likely that WWE already knows, but they’re not advertising it, or saving it for one of the last Raws to push the event at the last minute.

What do you think The Rock should do at Wrestlemania?


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