Recently, Becky Lynch did an interview with about a variety of topics, including her comparisons with Lita, her finisher, and her interactions with the WWE Universe.

You can read the full interview right here. Below are the highlights:

On her finisher:

“It’s a move I can get on from anywhere,” she says. “It’s a move that, if they don’t tap out, it will literally rip their shoulder out of their socket (laughs). So it’s a good finishing move to have!… If you don’t tap out, game over.”

On the fans:

“WWE fans… they’re really just a special breed,” she says. “They pour so much love into the product, and we hopefully give it back to ‘em.There might be only 400 or 500 people, but they are LOUD. They’re really into it.”

On WWE Hall of Famer Lita being her idol:

“She was like my idol,” she says. “I dyed my hair red. And I was walking around with the baggy pants (I was already doing that because I was a little bit of a skater, anyway) … She was my inspiration.”

“She’s fantastic!” Lynch says. “It’s a little bit surreal, still. But she’s so down to earth and so cool and so easy to talk to, you forget that this was your childhood hero.”

This Sunday at the “Royal Rumble”, Becky Lynch will challenge Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship. Perhaps this will be her moment to join her idol in history.



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