Former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes has spoken in-depth about who he is as a performer, Stardust, and his late-great father Dusty Rhodes.

In an article for SportsIllustrated, Rhodes started by answering the question on everyone’s mind: Who is Cody Rhodes?

“The person who last asked me that was Vince McMahon, and I stuttered,” said Rhodes.

“I was furious with myself for not having a quick response. However, I know now.

“Cody Rhodes is someone with vindication on his mind.

“I didn’t leave WWE to prove them wrong, but it sure as hell feels good when I do. I am seeking vindication. For what, you ask? Maybe I felt Stardust was beneath me. It may be because my dad, and now my brother, deserved better. There is more than one reason, but the end result is that I am seeking vindication and I’m playing to win.”

Rhodes goes on to talk about the last moments he shared with his father. Out of respect for the Rhodes family, we won’t be posting it here and would advise clicking the above link to read it on Sports Illustrated for the full context.

Speaking in regards to his exit from WWE, Rhodes says it was a decision he had to make.

“When you have problems in your personal life, you do not need them in your business life. Contrary to reports, when my father passed, I did not want to return on-screen as Cody Rhodes and rally behind the Rhodes flag. That would have been cheap, too easy, and would not have lasted. I also did not want to be Stardust, either.”

Rhodes says at every event he performs in, the fans can always be heard chanting “Dusty!”

“I’m now my own boss and my own promoter. That’s where my father was a master—the promotional element of pro wrestling. He was a great performer, but he was a mastermind promoter—the second best of all time, but to me, the greatest. Vince ended up winning that war. WWE is still around and Jim Crockett Promotions is not. So this is me pretending to be Dusty a little.”

Rhodes entered WWE in 2006 and fought under several different personas until May of 2016 when he asked for his release to go on a voyage of discovery of sorts. His next big match will take place in December at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle.

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