At least they’re listening. To say NXT has been changed a lot in recent months would be a huge understatement. NXT has gone from one of the most popular WWE products to something a lot closer to a laughingstock among some fans. It has not been a great transition into NXT 2.0, but now WWE is showing some signs of being willing to listen to the fans.
According to, WWE has sent out an email to its mailing list, asking for fan feedback on NXT 2.0. The survey includes a series of questions about the quality of NXT and asks fans to agree or disagree with each one. The questions are all about specific aspects of the show, such as interactions and character development, but there are no specific wrestlers mentioned. Here are the questions included:

*This show has many unique and exciting characters.
*I enjoy the athleticism of the wrestling talent on the show.
*This show has some of my favorite professional wrestling characters.
*Character development is believable.
*Wrestling talent on this show is charismatic.
*I enjoy the interactions and match-ups among female talent.
*The wrestling talent has creative freedom to speak their minds.
*Promos feel natural and not too scripted.
*I enjoy the interactions and match-ups among male talent.
*The show does a good job in developing newer wrestling talent.
*I enjoy the promos / smack talk on this show.
*The show does a good job in featuring a wide variety of talent that I am interested in.
*This show is one of my favorites among all professional wrestling shows.
*The show is straightforward.
*Most segments on the show feel necessary to watch.
*There is a good balance between talking and action segments.
*There is a good variety of match types used on this show.
*I can count on seeing at least some big or important moments.
*The show has high production value (lights, camera work, etc.)
*The show does not have enough escalation to intense/brutal action.
*The show format continues to positively evolve.
*Match outcomes feel meaningful.
*The show keeps up with the latest technology.
*The show has the right amount of aggressiveness/violence.
*Storylines are consistently engaging.
*Storylines keep me guessing in a good way.
*There is always something fresh and exciting.
*The show offers an amount of humor that appeals to me.
*I enjoy the commentary on this show.
*I share content or talk about this show with my friends or other fans.
*Rivalries and match-ups on this show are consistently entertaining.

NXT has had some good moments. Check out some of their better times:

Opinion: It’s good to see WWE making an effort to ask fans about NXT, but none of this is going to matter whatsoever if they do not listen to the feedback. Just asking about the problems and then not doing anything about them isn’t trying to fix things, but rather just doing what you want and ignoring everything else. NXT can be fixed, but they are going to need some changes.

What do you think of the survey? How much good will it do? Let us know in the comments below.

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