Wrestlemania XL Night Two
Date: April 7, 2024
Location: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, Corey Graves
God Bless American: The War And Treaty

It’s time for the second half of the biggest show of the year and things are not looking great for our hero. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins lost to the Bloodline last night and that means Rhodes’ shot against Roman Reigns will be under Bloodline rules. That should make for a big main event and we have quite the stacked card to go along with the big one. Let’s get to it.

Michael Cole recaps the main event situation and runs down the card. He also brings up that it isn’t as cold.

Meek Mill narrates the opening video, which is about finishing the story.

The War And Treaty sing God Bless America.

Here is Stephanie McMahon to welcome us to the show, saying we are now in the Paul Levesque Era. She talks about being at the first Wrestlemania and asks if we’re ready.

World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is challenging and is played to the ring by the Ulster Scottish Pipe Band while Rollins has the Philadelphia Mummers, a large group of musicians who are in outfits that might be even more outlandish than his own. CM Punk is the guest commentator and is in fine form, saying that if McIntyre has a pipe band, Punk has a pipe bomb. The bell rings and McIntyre hits a Claymore for two at five seconds in.

Rollins, whose knee is banged up from last night, rolls outside with McIntyre following to send him into the post. McIntyre grabs a fan’s phone and takes a quick picture before going outside to yell at Punk. That’s enough of a distraction for Rollins to hit a quick Pedigree on the floor. Back in and the Stomp gives Rollins two of his own as we are not even three minutes in yet.

Another Pedigree is countered with a backdrop and McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre tries another Claymore but gets countered into the Pedigree. Rollins’ knee gives out so the followup Stomp only gets two and they both need a breather. Rollins goes up for a top rope stomp but only hits mat, meaning the knee is hurt again. The Futureshock gives McIntyre two so he yells at Punk and calls for a GTS.

Punk thinks that means McIntyre is putting the fans to sleep but Rollins slips out, only to get Claymored for two more. It’s time to load up the announcers’ table but the powerbomb is escaped. The Stomp onto the table connects and they head back inside where a quick Claymore gives McIntyre another near fall. Punk: “You gotta hit him with that GTS McIntyre!” Another Claymore gives McIntyre the pin and the title at 10:32.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. Seth Rollins – Claymore (10:32)

Post match McIntyre gets the big, emotional moment and goes outside to present the title to his wife. With that out of the way, McIntyre turns to Punk and goes over to talk some trash. Punk points out that he can’t hear anything McIntyre is saying with the headphones on so McIntyre tells him to suck it. That’s enough for Punk to sweep the leg and hit McIntyre in the head with his brace. Here is Damian Priest with the briefcase, which goes upside McIntyre’s head and it’s time to cash it in.

World Heavyweight Championship: Drew McIntyre vs. Damian Priest

Priest is challenging and wins in 10 seconds with South Of Heaven.

Result: Damian Priest b. Drew McIntyre – South Of Heaven (0:10)

Post match Priest celebrates with Judgment Day as Punk applauds McIntyre.

Bobby Lashley/Street Profits vs. Final Testament

Street fight with Snoop Dogg on commentary and Bubba Ray Dudleyas guest referee. B Fab, Paul Ellering and Scarlett are here too. It’s already time for a table to start, with Snoop saying it’s picnic time with Yogi Bear. The AOP cut off the Profits and the villains beat down Lashley with the kendo sticks inside. A neckbreaker onto a chair gives Kross two on Lashley with the Profits making a save. Dawkins gets powerbombed down but with B Fab having to make a save.

Back up and Lashley breaks up the Super Collider and takes Kross down with a Downward Spiral. Ford gets to show off with a big flip dive over the post to take out the AOP, leaving Lashley to beat on Kross with a chair. Scarlett breaks up the Hurt Lock so B Fab makes the save, including a Russian legsweep to drive Scarlett through the table at ringside.

Kross is back up with a Saito suplex to Lashley before putting him through a chair for two. That kickout doesn’t work for Kross, who yells at Ray, allowing the Profits to get back up for What’s Up. Ray even puts his glasses on and says GET THE TABLES. Kross is laid on the table, which immediately breaks. Therefore another table is brought in and the frog splash puts Kross through it to give Ford the pin at 8:34.

Result: Bobby Lashley/Street Profits b. Final Testament – Frog splash to Kross through a table (8:34)

The winners celebrate with Snoop Dogg.

We look at last night’s main event.

Paul Heyman more or less guarantees that Roman Reigns is winning under Bloodline Rules.

We recap LA Knight vs. AJ Styles. Knight is the new, brash talker who has the fans behind him but Styles doesn’t like him. Styles cost him in the Elimination Chamber and now Knight wants revenge in one of his biggest matches ever.

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles

Styles debuts new music here. They start the fight in a hurry until Styles misses a charge and crashes out to the floor. That lets Knight ram him into the announcers’ table over and over but Styles goes after the knee back inside. There’s a shinbreaker to keep Knight in trouble but he Russian legsweeps his way to freedom.

A springboard tornado DDT (that’s a new one) gives Knight two but Styles escapes a superplex. The belly to back faceplant gives Styles two so he goes up, only to have Knight catch him with the jumping German superplex to send Styles flying. That’s fine with Styles, who takes Knight down again and hits a baseball slide to drive the knee into the post.

They go outside where Knight gets in a posting and rips up the floor pad, only to get dropped onto them. The count is beaten so Styles drops a springboard 450 for two. Back up and the BFT is countered into a rollup but the Styles Clash is blocked as well. Knight breaks up the Phenomenal Forearm and finishes with the BFT at 12:23.

Result: LA Knight b. AJ Styles – BFT (12:23)

In May, Smackdown and King/Queen of the Ring are both coming to Saudi Arabia.

We look at the Hall Of Fame 2024 class.

Here is the Class:

US Express
Thunderbolt Patterson
Bull Nakano
Lia Maivia
Muhammad Ali
Paul Heyman

WWE did community stuff this week.

We recap Logan Paul defending the US Title against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Paul is annoying, both guys want to beat him up and win the title. End of story.

US Title: Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

Paul is defending and rides a Prime truck to the stage, where he meets the Prime mascot. Owens on the other hand runs into Sami Zayn for a pep talk in the back. With that out of the way, Owens uses the golf cart he stole on Smackdown and even backs up to give Orton a lift. Paul bails straight to the floor to start but it turns out that a blond professional wrestler is easy to find at ringside during a wrestling match. Owens and Orton take turns sending him into the announcers’ table but Paul sends them into each other back inside. Paul: “Y’all fight!”

That doesn’t work either as Orton elbows Paul in the face and Owens adds a backsplash…but only one of them can cover. Owens and Orton slug it out until Paul cuts them both off with a double buckshot lariat. Paul mocks Orton’s pose before hammering away n Owens in the corner. The fans chant for various non-Prime beverages until Owens sends them both into the corner for a double Cannonball.

The Swanton hits Paul’s raised knees, allowing Paul to hit his own Swanton. Paul actually out uppercuts Orton, who comes right back with the snap powerslam. A double hanging DDT puts Owens and Paul down at the same time before taking Owens up top. That’s broken up by Paul, who gets caught with the spinning superplex. The moonsault hits Paul but Orton is right back with the RKO to Owens…for two.

Paul finds the brass knuckles and clocks Orton with them….for two more. That’s another fairly nutty kickout and quite the stretch. Orton is back up with an RKO to Paul but can’t cover. Instead he takes the knuckles away and tosses them but the Prime mascot pulls Paul outside.

The mascot is IShowSpeed, a video game streamer, so Orton RKO’s him onto the announcers’ table. Back in and Owens hits a pop up powerbomb on Paul and a Stunner to Orton for two. Another pop up powerbomb is countered into an RKO but Paul shoves Orton outside and hits the frog splash to pin Owens at 17:38.

Result: Logan Paul b. Kevin Owens and Randy Orton – Frog splash to Owens (17:38)

We recap Iyo Sky vs. Bayley for the former’s WWE Women’s Title. Bayley started Damage CTRL but Sky and the rest of the team seemed to dislike her. Then Bayley overhead them insulting her in Japanese and the whole thing fell apart. Now Bayley needs to prove she can do it herself.

WWE Women’s Title: Bayley vs. Iyo Sky

Bayley is challenging and has an ancient Egypt style entrance (yeah it’s weird) and what sounds like new music. Feeling out process to start with Sky grabbing the arm as they roll out to the floor. Sky gets back in and tries a dive but Bayley cuts her off again. Now Bayley hits her own dive but seems to come up favoring her knee. You can’t do that with Sky, who goes right after the knee to take over again.

A double stomp to the ribs gets one on Bayley and they head outside, where Sky goes to the barricade. The dive is pulled out of the air with a spinebuster but Sky catches her on top again. With Bayley knocked outside again, Sky hits the moonsault to send them both crashing onto the floor. Back inside and Bayley manages a sunset bomb into the corner for two but Sky’s bridging German suplexes gets the same.

Bayley avoids the Over The Moonsault but her top rope elbow only hits mat. Sky gets a crossface before switching over to STF. That’s broken up as well and the Bayley To Belly gives Bayley two. Sky is right back with a butterfly backbreaker and Over The Moonsault connects….for two. A bottom and middle rope moonsault connect for Sky but she misses the rope version. The Rose Plant is blocked so Bayley grabs a belly to back suplex and drops a top rope elbow. The Rose Plant connects this time to give Bayley the pin and the title at 14:23.

Result: Bayley b. Iyo Sky – Rose Plant (14:23)

Celebrities are here.

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and Snoop Dogg are here to announce tonight’s attendance: 72,755, for a two day total of 145,298. That’s the two day total listed, but because it’s Snoop Dogg, he says 145,420.

We recap Cody Rhodes challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title in the main event. Rhodes came up short last year but it is time for his second chance. He is completely up against the wall as it is Bloodline Rules, but Rhodes is fighting with a big purpose.

WWE Universal Title: Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes, with Brandi Rhodes and wearing a skull mask as he comes up on the riser, is challenging. Reigns is played to the ring by an orchestra, which is good, but doesn’t feel nearly as epic. We get the Big Match Intros to start and only Paul Heyman is here as a second. They stare at each other to start until Rhodes drives him into the corner to no avail. A running shoulder puts Rhodes down but Reigns doesn’t follow up, meaning we can reset a bit.

Reigns misses a charge into the post so it’s time to head outside. Rhodes grabs a table but Reigns gets in a cheap shot and puts it right back underneath the ring. Instead Reigns whips out a kendo stick and starts hammering away but Rhodes knocks it out of Reigns’ hands. A Figure Four has Reigns in trouble, which doesn’t last long as he gets to the ropes rather quickly. They fight into the crowd and onto a platform, where Rhodes manages a suplex.

Reigns is sent back to ringside and then counters the Disaster Kick with a hard powerbomb to put Rhodes in trouble again. The trash talk is on and Reigns grabs the cravate to keep Rhodes down. A PerfectPlex of all things gets two on Rhodes (McAfee: “I almost flipped my pencil.”) and Reigns fires off the corner clotheslines. Rhodes comes back with shots to the face of his own and they’re both down for a breather.

Back up and the slugout is on with Rhodes getting the better of things, setting up a powerslam. The Disaster Kick gets two but Reigns is back with his own Cross Rhodes for two. Reigns to Heyman: “I just wanted to shove it in his face.” Heyman: “I loved it.” The Superman Punch misses though and the Bionic Elbow puts Reigns down. They head outside again and let’s set up that announcers’ table again. The delay lets Reigns get in a low blow and he puts Rhodes through the table.

Back in and a Superman Punch gives Reigns two, followed by a Cody Cutter to give Rhodes the same. Rhodes hits a spear of his own for two more, followed by the Cross Rhodes. Cue Jimmy Uso and yeah you knew he was coming. Cue Jey Uso to go after Jimmy so they brawl on the ramp. That means Jey can hit a spear off the apron, sending them through some luckily placed tables. The distraction lets Reigns hit a quick spear for two, meaning frustration is setting in.

They guillotine choke goes on but they crash out to the floor for the break. Rhodes is up first and spears Reigns through the barricade for quite the twist on the move. Back in and a pair of Cross Rhodes connect for Rhodes until Solo Sikoa comes in with the Samoan Spike). The spear/Samoan Spike combination connects on Rhodes for two, leaving Sikoa annoyed.

Cue John Cena to take Sikoa outside for the AA through the announcers’ table. That brings out the Rock, who stares Cena down and immediately plants him with the Rock Bottom. Rock whips out the weightlifting belt….and the Shield’s music plays, with Seth Rollins sneaking in from behind with a chair. Not that it matters as Reigns Superman Punches him down. Then a gong strikes, the lights go out, and Undertaker is here. A chokeslam plants Rock and Undertaker disappears again. Reigns picks up the chair and goes after Rollins, allowing Rhodes to hit three straight Cross Rhodes for the pin at 33:34.

Result: Cody Rhodes b. Roman Reigns – Cross Rhodes (33:34)

Post match a bunch of wrestlers come out to celebrate with Rhodes, who wants a microphone. He praises Bruce Prichard and HHH for making Wrestlemania feel special before bringing both of them out. The big celebration wraps up up.

The highlight package finishes the show.

Drew McIntyre b. Seth Rollins – Claymore
Damian Priest b. Drew McIntyre – South Of Heaven
Bobby Lashley/Street Profits b. Final Testament
LA Knight b. AJ Styles – BFT –
Logan Paul b. Randy Orton and Kevin Owens – Frog splash to Owens
Bayley b. Iyo Sky – Rose Plant
Cody Rhodes b. Roman Reigns – Cross Rhodes

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