Stand & Deliver 2024
Date: April 6, 2024
Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T., Wade Barrett

It’s the biggest NXT show of the year and the main event is one of the things that NXT does best: a grudge match between two former best friends as Trick Williams faces Carmelo Hayes. That alone should be enough to make this work but we also have Tony D’Angelo challenging Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title. Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Joe Gacy vs. Shawn Spears

Hold on though as Ridge Holland (who was making his debut as part of the broadcast team) hits Gacy in the back with a chair during his entrance. Gacy is willing to fight anyway and sends a charging Spears outside as the bell rings. Spears is back in and tosses Gacy off the top to take over and a backbreaker gets two.

Back up and they trade running chops until Spears pulls him into a Boston crab. The rope gets Gacy out of trouble and he’s right back with a belly to back suplex. Gacy strikes away and grabs a German suplex, setting up a Lionsault for two. A dive is cut off though and Spears drops him onto the apron. Spears’ top rope hanging DDT gets two more but the C4 is countered. Gacy’s swinging Rock Bottom gets two and a backsplash on the apron hits Spears again. The Upside Down and the C4 are both broken up before Gacy hits the Upside Down for the pin at 9:05.

Result: Joe Gacy b. Shawn Spears – Upside Down (9:05)

Here is Meta Four, your hosts for the afternoon, to get things going, which involves them dressing up as various people on the show/in NXT and talking about the card.

Tag Team Titles: Wolfdogs vs. Axiom/Nathan Frazer

Axiom and Frazer are challenging and start fast with the dives to the floor. We get the opening bell so Frazier DDT’s Corbin for two. Corbin’s kick to the head lets Axiom come in with a kick of his own for a two of his own. Corbin runs Axiom down to take over though and it’s Breakker coming in to blast Axiom as well. Axiom fights up and grabs the Spanish Fly, which is enough to bring Frazier back in.

House is quickly cleaned, including a running shooting star press for two on Corbin. Back up and Corbin runs Frazier over, setting up a heck of a powerbomb. Axiom is right back up with the Golden Ratio for two on Breakker so Axiom heads to the top. That’s fine with Breakker, who snaps off a super Frankensteiner to send Axiom into something close to a powerbomb from Corbin.

Frazier makes the save though and everyone is down. Breakker heads up top but gets caught with Axiom’s super Spanish Fly. Frazier’s 450 gets two but Corbin is back up to take him out. Breakker takes Frazier up top for a belly to back superplex, with Frazier being flipped onto his face and possibly pulled into a cutter.

In something that seems likely to be a bad idea, Corbin goes up top but scores with a top rope splash for two more. Breakker heads outside but misses a spear into the steps to knock him silly. That leaves Corbin to get double teamed, setting up a Phoenix splash for two, with Breakker diving in for a last second save. That’s enough for Breakker, who spears Frazier in half to retain at 11:26.

Result: Wolfdogs b. Axiom/Nathan Frazier – Spear to Frazier (11:26)

Meta Four, in Dallas Cowboys gear, try to interview Oba Femi but don’t get very far.

North American Title: Oba Femi vs. Josh Briggs vs. Dijak

Femi is defending and this is a three way hoss fight. The challengers start with some double teaming, which is quickly broken up with straight power. Some running shoulders put Femi on the floor but he catches a diving Dijak and rams Briggs down. Dijak is back up and superkicks Femi into a chair, with Briggs throwing Dijak into him for another hue crash. Back in and a double chokeslam gets a double two on Femi, who slams them both down at once with some scary power.

Briggs goes to the apron where he belly to backs Femi down before kicking a diving Dijak out of the air. We hit the parade of hard shots to the face with Femi being knocked outside, leaving Dijak to kick Briggs down for two. High Justice gives Dijak one and a Canadian Destroyer of all things gets a near fall. Dijak loads up a fireman’s carry and goes up…but Femi electric chairs them both at once and drops them back, with Briggs rolling out to the floor. Well that was insane.

Feast Your Eyes gets two on Femi and Dijak avoids Briggs’ save. Another Feast Your Eyes gets two as Briggs pulls the referee out. The fans are NOT pleased so Dijak takes Briggs down again. Feast Your Eyes hits Briggs on the floor and Dijak throws him back inside for another one but Femi grabs Dijak by the throat. A powerbomb onto Briggs is enough for Femi to retain at 14:59.

Result: Oba Femi b. Josh Briggs and Dijak – Femi pinned Briggs after powerbombing Dijak onto him (14:59)

Meta Four asks Thea Hail why she believed Kiana James was her friend. Hail has to be held back.

Jacy Jayne/Kiana James/Izzi Dame vs. Thea Hail/Fallon Henley/Kelani Jordan

Jazmyn Nyx is with the villains and Chase U is here with the other team. James and company jump them before the bell and it’s Dame beating on Henley in the corner to start. That doesn’t last long as Hail comes in with a high crossbody, followed by a springboard dive to the floor…which only hits Riley Osborne. That’s enough for Hail to get sent into the wrong corner so the beating can be on again.

Hail manages to roll over for the tag off to Jordan, who picks the pace right back up. Jayne gets in a shot of her own though and it’s Dame coming back in to send Jordan face first into the mat. James’ shots to the ribs keep Jordan in trouble as Vic Joseph is getting annoyed with Booker T. on commentary. It’s back to Dame, who pulls Jordan out of the air, only to have her slip out and bring Henley in to clean house.

A spinning suplex gets two on James with Dame making the save. James catches Henley on top with a super Spanish Fly for two of her own and it’s back to Jayne. Hail comes in and goes after Jayne but gets tossed outside, with Duke Hudson catching her. Nyx gets in a cheap shot but Hail is back in for the staredown with Jayne. The brawl is on until Jayne manages a pump kick. Hail Thesz presses her down but James gets in a cheap shot. Dame comes back in and is quickly Kimuraed for the tap at 11:41.

Result: Thea Hail/Fallon Henley/Kelani Jordan b. Jacy Jayne/Kiana James/Izzi Dame – Kimura to Dame (11:41)

Ava announces the introduction of the NXT Women’s North American Champion.

We recap the Women’s Title match, with a now evil Roxanne Perez challenging Lyra Valkyria. Perez says she hasn’t had success by being good and now she wants back the title that she never lost. Valkyria is fighting for the forces of good. And the title of course.

Former Stardom World Champion Giulia is here, with William Regal.

Women’s Title: Lyra Valkyria vs. Roxanne Perez

Perez is challenging. They go right at it to start with Perez going after Valkyria’s bad arm. An early Nightwing attempt is broken up but Valkyria cartwheels out of a headscissors. Perez is sent outside for a dropkick through the ropes but comes right back with a shot to the arm to take over. The arm is cranked again, setting up a hammerlock northern lights suplex for two. Perez goes simple by just pulling at the arm but she misses a middle rope drop onto the arm.

Valkyria manages a middle rope crossbody but Perez rolls through, setting up a collision to leave both of them down. Back up and Valkyria kicks away, with her own northern lights suplexes getting two. A release fisherman’s suplex gets two and they go up top for a slap off. Valkyria grabs a Liger Bomb for two but her dive is cut off with a forearm to the face. Perez’s sliding tornado DDT sets up Pop Rox for two and it’s time to look stunned.

The bad arm is sent into the post twice in a row…so here is Tatum Paxley to check on Valkyria. Perez takes her out without any trouble and Valkyria’s arm is posted again. Back in and Valkyria manages a spinning kick to the head for two but misses a top rope splash. Perez can’t get Pop Rox so they trade rollups for two until Valkyria grabs a German suplex. That’s enough for Perez, who grabs a poisonrana into Pop Rox into a crossface to get the title back at 16:20.

Result: Roxanne Perez b. Lyra Valkyria – Pop Rox (16:20)

We recap Ilja Dragunov defending the NXT Title against Tony D’Angelo. This is billed as a battle for power, with D’Angelo wanting the title to become the most powerful person in NXT, but Dragunov isn’t letting that happen.

NXT Title: Tony D’Angelo vs. Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov is defending and the D’Angelo Family is here too. Dragunov tries to slug away to start but his bad hand slows him down, leaving him to go with a waistlock instead. Since the grip isn’t at full strength, D’Angelo punches him down to take over. Back up and Dragunov tries the Constantine Special but the hand gives out and he falls to the mat. They head outside, where Dragunov’s chop hits post to put him in even more trouble.

The hand is good enough for Dragunov to hit a Death Valley Driver against the barricade and they head back inside. Dragunov rolls some German suplexes and a powerbomb out of the corner drops D’Angelo again. The H Bomb misses though and Stacks hands D’Angelo brass knuckles….which he throws away. Dragunov stomps away in the corner and gets two off a DDT. With D’Angelo down in the corner, Dragunov hammers away with forearms and shouts that D’Angelo is not in control.

Back up and Dragunov kisses him on the cheeks but gets headbutted down, followed by a belly to belly. One heck of a clothesline puts Dragunov down for two and they go up top. An overhead belly to belly superplex sends Dragunov flying before rolling outside. They both load up the announcers’ table before Dragunov wins a slugout. The H Bomb connects on the floor and another sends D’Angelo through the table. Back in and the top rope backsplash gives Dragunov two but D’Angelo goes back to the hand. Dragunov is right back with Torpedo Moscow and the super H Bomb retains at 17:06.

Result: Ilja Dragunov b. Tony D’Angelo – Super H Bomb (17:06)

Lyra Valkyria DOES NOT want to talk to Tatum Paxley.

Je’Von Evans is coming on Tuesday.

Here is Meta Four to announce a new NXT attendance record: 16,545.

We recap Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams. They used to be friends but Hayes, the first to become a star, accused Williams of trying to become his own thing. Hayes then turned on Williams and attacked him, so now Williams is out for revenge and to prove he can do this himself.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

This has some slightly relaxed rules. Hayes takes him down to start and doesn’t seem overly impressed with Williams. That earns Hayes some shots to the face and they head outside, with Hayes being sent into the steps. They fight into the crowd with Hayes staggering away until he sends Williams into a wall. Hayes knocks a hat off a member of Williams’ family, earning him a shot to send him back to ringside.

There is something interesting about Williams opting to just hit Hayes in the face over and over. Williams hits a splash in the corner but Hayes knocks him off the top for a crash back to the floor. We seem to have a ribs injury so Hayes stomps away in the corner while managing to chew gum at the same time.

Williams gets in a shot of his own and they slug it out from their knees. The jumping neckbreaker and spinning boot to the face give Williams two and they head back outside. Hayes manages a springboard dive onto…what used to be the Spanish announcers’ table. Back in and Williams charges into a Codebreaker for two but the referee gets bumped.

Hayes grabs a chair but Williams takes it away for five shots. The referee grabs the chair and Hayes is immediately up with a low blow for two. Another referee bump (Barrett: “This is the unluckiest referee ever.”) sets up Nothing But Net for two from a second referee. The new referee takes the chair away from Hayes and the Trick Knee finishes for Williams at 14:48.

Result: Trick Williams b. Carmelo Hayes – Trick Knee (14:48)

Williams celebrates to end the show.

Joe Gacy b. Shawn Spears – Upside Down
Wolfdogs b. Axiom/Nathan Frazier – Spear to Frazier
Oba Femi b. Josh Briggs and Dijak – Femi pinned Briggs after powerbombing Dijak onto him
Thea Hail/Kelani Jordan/Fallon Henley b. Jacy Jayne/Izzi Dame/Kiana James – Kimura to Dame
Roxanne Perez b. Lyra Valkyria – Crossface
Ilja Dragunov b. Tony D’Angelo – Super H Bomb
Trick Williams b. Carmelo Hayes – Trick Knee

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