Sometimes you just need to hit people really hard. This Sunday, WWE will air “Extreme Rules 2017” where most of the matches will feature some form of relaxed rules. These shows can include a variety of gimmick matches, many of which include weapons being used. That sounds like it’s time for a countdown.

WWE has released another top ten video, this time looking at the best weapons used at various Extreme Rules pay per views. As is usually the case with these, the list isn’t a complete collection of the weapons used but rather a series of the top options that have been used over the years.

WWE Extreme Rules lethal weapons - WWE Top 10

Opinion: As usual, these top ten lists aren’t the most logical in the world. I mean, a sledgehammer being ranked beneath a trash can? These things are almost always all over the place and can pretty much be swapped around without too many changes. Thumbtacks are fine for the top as they’re certainly painful looking, which is what matters most more often than not.

What’s your favorite weapon? Which do you think is the most overused? Let us know in the comments below.


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