He would know best. There are a lot of wrestlers in WWE and a lot of people are going to be fighting to get some precious TV time. With so many top names who are all but guaranteed a big spot on the major shows, the lower level names have to work even harder to get onto those same events. That is assuming they are healthy enough to wrestle, which contrary to recent reports, one wrestler says that he is.

EC3 has not exactly done much since getting called up to the main roster earlier this year. He was part of a group of NXT talents to make the move and then…nothing really happened. EC3 wrestled a handful of matches but then fell off the face of TV and was lucky to get a cameo, let alone a huge match. Then he stopped appearing whatsoever, leaving fans wondering where he was. A report recently came out saying that EC3 was injured, but that may not be the case.

Or maybe not. Check out EC3’s response:

In a new video released to advertise a new t-shirt for sale, EC3 says that he is completely healthy and ready to go. This goes against recent reports saying that EC3 had been sidelined with a concussion. EC3’s most recent match was on the September 30 edition of Main Event and there is no indication of when he will be getting back in the ring again. If he is not injured, it is not clear why he has not wrestled in over two months.

EC3 knows how to make the big announcements. Check out a good example:

Opinion: Assuming EC3 is telling the truth here, it is even more of a shame that he isn’t doing at least something. He may not be the biggest star in the company, but he is a heck of a talker and someone who can wrestle a passable enough match. I don’t know what he did to set WWE off this much, but there is no reason to leave him off to the side like this as he is better than at least a few people that WWE puts out there every week. At the very least, he would be something fresh and that is better than nothing.

What do you think of EC3? Will he ever get a shot in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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