Date: December 3, 2019
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Joe Galli, Jim Cornette

It’s the finale of the first set of tapings and the go home show for Into The Fire, which is going to be taking place in about a week and a half. The big main event for tonight is the Rock N Roll Express getting their shot at the Tag Team Titles, which could be a feel good moment, a really bad idea, or both. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at a little bit of everything happening so far, capped off with a look at the Express.

Into The Fire.

Galli welcomes us to the season finale and thanks us for watching. To the opener!

Ricky Starks vs. Colt Cabana

Non-title. Hold on though as here are Aron Stevens and the Question Mark, with the former asking what he has to do to get a National Title shot. Cabana goes over to the interview desk and says he’s tired of hearing about this. If Stevens wants a title shot, he can have one if he can beat Starks right now. And Question Mark can go to the back for a bonus.

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens has his flesh colored trunks on again. A throw with the scarf has Starks down early on but he’s right back with a spear for two. That’s enough to send Stevens over to the ropes and he’s pointing at his knee. Cue the Question Mark as Dave Marquez comes over to talk to Stevens. Mark lays out Starks…and the knee is fine to give Stevens the pin at 2:30.

Result: Aron Stevens b. Ricky Starks – Mongrobian Chop (2:30)

Into The Fire ad.

James Storm will be challenging Nick Aldis for the World Title at Into The Fire in a 2/3 falls match. Each will get to pick their own referee for a fall apiece, with a coin flip determining the referee for the third fall.

Storm talks about Kamille whispering something to him last week and Aldis not knowing what was said. On another point though, Storm thinks there is a conspiracy against him trying to become World Champion. There was an unspecified incident at an NWA pop up event and then he became #1 contender in a match that never saw the light of day. Is it that hard to imagine him being World Champion? Is that something so bad? Storm has picked Brian Hebner as his referee, because he knows Hebner won’t do anything to cheat him. If Aldis’ referee cheats though, it isn’t going to go well.

Highspots.com ad.

Video on the Question Mark, who loves ka-ra-te.

Video of Nick Aldis confronting the Great Muta at WrestleCade. Aldis laid the title down and said anywhere, anytime.

Here’s Melina for a chat. She gives people a purpose around here, because people care about her. Allysin Kay is going to have to work hard to keep the title from here, so here is Kay to threaten to slap the smug look off Melina’s face. Kay is ready to fight but Melina, not exactly in wrestling gear, walks away instead. Cue Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa to beat Kay down, including the rapid fire drum beats.

Tony Falk wants you to buy waffles and tire irons.

The Rock N Roll Express want the titles back.

Nick Aldis talks about the triple threat match between Storm, Ken Anderson and Eli Drake which never made air. Storm knows why it was never shown and wasn’t recognized: because Storm talked his way into the match, as he always does. Aldis: “We aren’t in TNA anymore.” Storm hasn’t earned a thing and the three way was a mess with all kinds of interference anyway. So why is Storm #1 contender now? Aldis went and told the NWA that he wanted Storm to get the title shot.

See, Storm is going to make a lot of noise and ask for what he wanted. That’s why Aldis is giving him everything he wants, so he can shut Storm up for good. As for the referee, it’s the man who put up everything for this title: Tim Storm. Kamille is brought up again and due to all of the controversy, Kamille has the night off (with pay) at Into The Fire. After that, it’s back to normal with Kamille back at his side.

Powerrr is back on December 17 with Into The Fire fallout.

Tag Team Titles: Rock N Roll Express vs. Wild Cards

The Cards are defending but the fans are WAY into the Express. Latimer runs Morton over with pure power to start so it’s a blind tag to bring in Gibson for a double shoulder. Isaacs comes in and powers out of a full nelson before avoiding a charge to send Gibson into the post. The champs start switching to stay on Gibson but the charge into the corner allows the hot tag to Morton. Cornette is WAY too excited for a pretty slow motion comeback. The double dropkick gets two on Latimer so Morton shoves them together and rolls Isaacs up for the pin and the titles at 5:02.

Result: Rock N Roll Express b. Wild Cards – Rollup to Isaacs (5:02)

Cornette goes into the ring to celebrate with the new champs.

Galli thanks Cornette for everything he has done for the NWA.

The Express says it wasn’t about beating someone but outsmarting them.

The Wild Cards get their rematch at Into The Fire, along with Cabana vs. Starks vs. Stevens for the National Title.

Into The Fire rundown.

Aldis introduces Cornette’s replacement on commentary: Stu Bennett (Bad News Barrett).

Aron Stevens b. Ricky Starks – Mongrobian Spike
Rock N Roll Express b. Wild Cards – Rollup to Isaacs

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