That’s not your normal day at the office. There’s no secret to the fact that Vince McMahon isn’t your typical boss. He’s a bit on the insane side at times but is also willing to get in the ring and do whatever it takes to get a story or another wrestler over. At the same time though, McMahon does occasionally wrestle himself, and that can make things rather interesting. That would be especially true one night with Sgt. Slaughter.

In a new interview with Wrestling News, Sgt. Slaughter told a story about McMahon wanting to be a wrestler but never being allowed to by his father, who wanted McMahon to stay as an announcer. Slaughter once told McMahon that if he wanted to wrestle, he could put on a mask and wrestle Slaughter at a smaller show. McMahon did just that and Slaughter said the match took place. He didn’t say when the match took place, but McMahon Sr. died in 1984 and Slaughter was with the company in 1980-1981, meaning it likely took place during that stretch.

There are some other good stories in there. Check out Slaughter’s interview about McMahon:

Vince McMahon once wrestled with a mask on at a WWE house show

Opinion: Assuming the story is true, that’s the kind of amazing thing that you would never imagine could actually take place today. Back then it wouldn’t have been uncommon to have a few masked wrestlers on the show and they would often be local talent. It’s reasonable to think that they could get away with this, and shows you how much McMahon does love wrestling.

What do you think of McMahon’s matches? Do you want him back on WWE TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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