Who says a demon can’t have a heart? Finn Balor was a guest at Wizard World New Orleans over the weekend and did a Q&A session with some fans. One such fan was a five year old boy named Logan who was such a Balor fan that he was dressed in Balor gear. Logan got to ask a question but got a bit nervous. What followed was the kind of magic you get when a wrestler gets to be a superhero.

At the moment, Balor is sidelined as he recovers from shoulder surgery after being injured in his match at Summerslam 2016. The date of his return isn’t clear but it seems that his goal is to be back in the ring at WrestleMania 33. There is no word on who he’ll be facing at the show or if he’ll be back in the Universal Title hunt.

This is just adorable and there’s not much else you can describe it as. I know it doesn’t look like much but that kid is going to remember his hero being there for him for the rest of his life and that’s just cool. Balor could have just smiled and waited but he went out of his way to do something, which is the most important thing he could have done. This was awesome and I loved every second of it.

Do you think Finn Balor makes a surprise return in the Royal Rumble? Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this? Let us know in the comments below.


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