Home sweet university. NXT has been one of the best received wrestling programs in a very long time and that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With such great success comes great expectations though and that is the even more obvious now that AEW Dynamite has started airing in the same time slot as NXT, meaning that things need to pick up a little bit. One way to do this might be a change of scenery, but that does not seem to be the case anytime soon.

NXT has been running its television shows from Full Sail University since June 12, 2012. The partnership has seen NXT gain a rabid fan base with the Full Sail fans becoming a major part of the show, including a variety of chants and fans who are invested in everything that they are seeing. While Takeovers take place outside of Full Sail, their television has taken place almost exclusively in Full Sail. With the premiere of Dynamite, rumors began to emerge about a possible switch to different weekly venues. Now we are starting to know the future.

According to Ticketforce.com, the official site for NXT tickets at Full Sail, all four episodes of NXT in January will take place at Full Sail. Tickets for the January 8 and January 15 will be going on sail this week with on sale dates for the other two shows to be announced soon. At the moment, it is not clear if NXT will be going on the road for weekly television in the future, or if so, when the move will begin. All of the remaining regular 2019 NXT television tapings will take place at Full Sail.

Full Sail is its own special world. Check out some of its best moments:

Opinion: I’m not sure on this one but it is interesting to see NXT sticking around Full Sail even longer. The location has done well for them over the years and I’m not entirely convinced that just having NXT in bigger arenas is going to make everything better in their battles against Dynamite. Full Sail has become part of NXT’s identity and I’m not sure how well things would go outside of the arena. At some point NXT needs something to help give them their own identity and Full Sail seems to be one of their best bets.

Do you want NXT to move? Is the location hurting their growth? Let us know in the comments below.

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