A little lighter workload. One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear about WWE is they have too many pay per views. There’s way too much going on most of the time as there’s a show nearly every two weeks. This has been made even worse thanks to the Brand Split, though things are starting to change.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio by way of Wrestlinginc.com, WWE is looking to scale back the number of pay per views it holds in 2018. While the full calendar hasn’t been released yet, there is a possiblility that there will be one pay per view a month until April or May. At the moment, there may not even be a pay per view in March.

Does that mean no more Great Balls of Fire?

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Official Promo

Opinion: Oh sweet merciful goodness yes. It’s so annoying having WWE run these shows where the stories aren’t there and the shows are glorified In Your House events with a one match card. Have these things when you’re ready and stop oversaturating the market as much as they have been over the last year.

Are you glad there are fewer pay per views? Which would you like to see cut out? Let us know in the comments below.


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