• The Goldmine: The Truly Ultimate Warrior

    Many moons ago now, the world of professional wrestling was hit with the most powerful lightning bolt in the history of mankind. That lightning bolt created a legend. That legend’s...

    BiosMay 11, 2018
  • Lars Sullivan Bio

    BiosDecember 3, 2017
  • Liv Morgan Bio

    Basic Information Name: Liv Morgan Real Name: Gionna Jene Daddio Birthday: June 8, 1994 (Age 23) Signed With: WWE on the NXT brand Height: 5ft 3in or 1.60m Weight: 116lb...

    BiosNovember 5, 2017
  • Roman Reigns Bio

    Basic Information Name: Roman Reigns Real Name: Leati Joseph Anoa’i Birthday: May 25, 1985 (Age 32) Signed With: WWE on the ‘Raw’ brand Height: 6ft 3in or 1.91m Weight: 265lb...

    BiosOctober 1, 2017