That would not go well. Earlier this month, the wrestling world lost one of its most charismatic stars as Rocky Johnson passed away. His passing came out of nowhere and it was quite the shock to a lot of wrestlers and wrestling fans. There is no easy way to deal with something like this but gathering together to talk about memories of someone who is gone and celebrate his life can be helpful. That was the idea with Johnson but it didn’t go well.

Johnson’s funeral took place over the weekend and several people from the wrestling business were on hand. According to independent wrestler Devon Nicholson and WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham, things did not go well as both Pat Patterson and Vince McMahon acted inappropriately at the funeral, with Patterson having to be escorted off of the stage. It’s quite the story.

According to Graham on Facebook (the post has since been deleted, with the following recap courtesy of, Patterson started ranting about Johnson, calling him a “mother******” and talking about how worthless Johnson was. Later, in a video posted to Nicholson’s YouTube channel, the frustration started over the minister speaking for over an hour and took several shots at professional wrestling during his sermon. What McMahon did or said was not specified. It should be noted that neither Graham nor Nicholson were in attendance for the funeral.

Nicholson goes into quite the details. Check out his report of what happened:

Reports of Drama at Rocky Johnson Funeral

Johnson was quite the talent. Check out some of his better moments, one of which includes his rather famous son watching:

Opinion: While I’d like to hear a lot more details about this, if these things are true, it isn’t the best light for Patterson and McMahon. I could understand the idea of the two of them being upset at the minister for taking shots at their business, but it was hardly the place to do anything like this. I’d hope that the family isn’t upset at what happened, as this was supposed to be about Johnson but this took away a little something from that.

Do you remember seeing Johnson in the ring? Will Rock be angry about what happened? Let us know in the comments below.

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