Date: January 21, 2020
Location: Watsco Center, Miami, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz
Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Dasha Gonzalez

It’s another show from the Bash At The Beach special, though I’m not sure if this one counts or not. Dark has gotten a lot shorter in recent weeks and that’s a good thing. Keeping things short lets the show pack a bit more of a punch without wearing out its welcome. Now hopefully they keep it that way. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

The hosts welcome run down the card.

Big Swole vs. Diamante

Swole grabs the wristlock to start and rolls her up for a fast one. An exchange of rollups is good for an exchange of one counts and sets up an exchange of headlocks. Swole wins an exchange of shoulders and kicks Diamante in the face for the first real knockdown. Diamante knees her right back and chokes a bit, but can only hit two Amigos.

A lot of taunting the crowd doesn’t get Diamante very far so she German suplexes Swole into the corner for two instead. Frustration sets in so Diamante grabs….a pair of sandals? One of them is taken away but the second connects for a few shots, only to have Swole take it away. That means an abdominal stretch for some spanking with the sandal, much to the fans’ delight. Now even more annoyed, Diamante misses a bunch of kicks before getting headbutted away. Dirty Dancing finishes for Swole at 7:22.

Result: Big Swole b. Diamante – Dirty Dancing (7:22)

Here’s where Dynamite is coming.

Strong Hearts vs. Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy headlocks T-Hawk to start but loses a battle of the shoulder blocks. The pace picks up a bit with Boy flipping him into a pair of kicks to the face. A chop knocks Boy back though, meaning it’s Stunt tagging himself in to face Lindaman. Stunt pumps himself up to try some shoulders, which go as well as you would expect. A slingshot sunset flip gets two on Lindaman but he avoids a leg lariat for a standoff.

It’s off to Cima for a running dropkick on Luchasaurus, which doesn’t have much effect. Luchasaurus cleans house and throws Boy at Cima for a Downward Spiral. Back to back springboard armdrags put T-Hawk and Cima on the floor and that means back to back suicide dives. Luchasaurus throws Stunt onto the two of them for a bonus and we settle down to Stunt pounding on Cima, only to get caught with a triple basement dropkick.

Something like an STF has Stunt in more trouble until a rope grab is good for the save. Stunt forearms away but runs into a sitout spinebuster for two, setting up an assisted double flip powerslam. Jungle Boy makes the save as everything breaks down.

The hot tag brings in Luchasaurus to start wrecking people, including slamming T-Hawk onto Cima. A standing moonsault gets two on Lindaman and it’s Boy’s lifted Downward Spiral for two. Luchasaurus gets to kick more people in the face and then tosses Lindaman into a sitout spinebuster to give Boy the pin at 10:51.

Result: Jurassic Express b. Strong Hearts – Assisted sitout spinebuster to Lindaman (10:51)

Tony and Dasha wrap it up.

Big Swole b. Diamante – Dirty Dancing
Jurassic Express b. Strong Hearts – Assisted sitout spinebuster to Lindaman

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