Ring of Honor
Date: September 9, 2020

Back when the Best Of shows began, I jokingly suggested that we would be getting the Best Of The Bouncers one day if this went on long enough and now that is exactly what we are getting. The team is a fun goofy act, but I’m not sure if we need to see a full show about them. Let’s get to it.

Bouncers video.

The Bouncers join us via Zoom with both guys being rather pleased with being on the big screen for once. They’re excited that Ring of Honor is going to be back but for now, they’re happy with drinking beer and watching their best fights. They’ll start off with a big match for some titles. From ROH TV, October 3, 2018.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Cody/Young Bucks vs. Silas Young/Bouncers

Cody, with Brandi and Bernard, and the Bucks are defending. Matt tries his luck with the massive Milonas to start and gets knocked into the corner without much effort. Bruiser comes in to overpower Nick so everything breaks down with the champs triple dropkicking Milonas to the floor. More kicks and dropkicks clear the ring and of course the fans love it. Back in and things settle down with Nick rolling over for the hot tag to Cody but a cheap shot takes him down as well.

Silas hammers away at Cody before handing it off to an already tired Bruiser. Cody sidesteps a charge and Bruiser knocks Bernard over, allowing Milonas to crossbody Cody down for two. Back from a break with Cody powerslamming his way out of trouble and diving over for the hot tag to Nick. Everything breaks down and the Bucks clean house, including breaking up a variety of near finishers.

The splash/standing moonsault hits Bruiser for two and Cody dives onto Milonas and Young. Bruiser dives onto the other five, leaving Cody to take a big Trash Compactor for two back inside. That doesn’t bother the Bucks though as they start firing off superkicks, which is enough to have Young walk out. Cross Rhodes to Milonas retains the titles at 15:37.

Result: Cody/Young Bucks b. Bouncers/Silas Young – Rollup with trunks fir the pin (15:37)

The Bouncers have a surprise guest with….Vincent, who didn’t seem to be a planned guest. Vincent says they’re welcome for his presence and brings up a fight they had at Death Before Dishonor. That brought something out of them that they never did before and it’s why they have this show. Milonas: “….he’s got a point.” Vincent says he’ll see them soon and we see some quick clips from their brawl.

Back from a break and Cheeseburger is the second guest, which takes us to our next match. From Unauthorized.

Cheeseburger/Bouncers vs. Dalton Castle/Flip Gordon/Kenny King

That would be Cheeseburger/Double Cheeseburger/Triple Cheeseburger vs. Dalton White Castle/Burger Flip Gordon/Kenny Burger King to give you an idea of what we’re doing here. Gordon tags himself in to start with Beer City Bruiser, with the waistlock going as badly as you would expect. A big chop puts Gordon down and it’s time for the snap jabs into the toothless bite. Castle and King get the lack of teeth as well so it’s off to King vs. Cheeseburger (with the hat).

Some armdrags make Cheeseburger lose the hat so King takes bite out of the thing. Back up and Cheeseburger takes King’s leg out and climbs onto his back to bend the arm a bit. We take a break and come back with Cheeseburger in trouble and Castle drawing in Milonas so a lot of stomping can ensue. Gordon does the same thing to Bruiser and Milonas and it’s a triple stomp.

Actually the referee catches them and in the argument, Cheeseburger crawls through the legs and makes the tag to Milonas. Eh point for a clever idea. Gordon dives into a swinging sitout Boss Man Slam, setting up Bruiser’s middle rope splash for two. The Bouncers help Cheeseburger on a Canadian Destroyer to Gordon but a rope grab breaks it up. We get the big fight over the superplex until the Bouncers suplex all three of them at once.

King hits an Arabian press onto a bunch of people on the floor and it’s Cheeseburger, Bruiser and Cheeseburger fighting on the stage. Cheeseburger gets thrown onto the pile and Gordon teases a dive, only to flip off the crowd. Bruiser does the dive instead and it’s Cheeseburger hitting a palm strike on Castle, only to get rolled up by Gordon for the pin at 14:05.

Result: Dalton Castle/Flip Gordon/Kenny King b. Cheeseburger/Bouncers – Rollup to Cheeseburger (14:05)

The Bouncers introduce the Briscoes and after an exchange of pleasantries, it’s time to go to Mass Hysteria.

Tag Team Titles: Briscoes vs. Bouncers

The Bouncers are challenging. It’s a brawl to start (as it should be) with Mark hitting a top rope shoulder to send Milonas outside. Bruiser follows with a running apron cannonball to take Mark down. That just earns him a Blockbuster from the apron and Milonas is sent into the barricade. Back in and a chair is used to set up a running flip dive to take Bruiser down again.

The Froggy Bow gets two on Bruiser but Milonas sends Jay hard into the barricade. Milonas hits a swinging Boss Man Slam on Jay and then sits on his chest in the corner. Bruiser comes in for a fall away slam and it’s back to Milonas for the backwards splash. Back from a break with Mark hitting a running boot to the chest for two on Milonas.

Jay is back in with some superkicks to Bruiser and a big boot knocks him down. Milonas hits a weird spinebuster on Jay and then sits on his chest. Mark is right back with a middle rope dropkick though and all four are down. The slugout is on with the Bouncers getting the better of things but Closing Time is broken up. Milonas is powerbombed out of the corner and the Froggy Bow retains the titles at 9:14.

Result: Briscoes b. Bouncers – Froggy Bow to Milonas (9:14)

Session Moth Martina, also drunk, joins as well and says she has had feelings for them as well. Then she has a headache and has no memory of what she just said.


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