Ring of Honor
Date: September 11, 2019
Location: Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, Lanny Poffo
Hosts: Quinn McKay, Ian Riccaboni

The new version of the show continues and that means we’re in for a lot more highlights. I think we’re building to Death Before Dishonor but with everything being all over the place it can be kind of hard to remember at times. Either way, expect a face paced show here, which is both a specialty and a curse. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We look at how all of the champions won their belts.

The hosts welcome us to the show and promise us the Champions vs. Challengers match.

In Atlanta, Dalton Castle promised to become the World Champion again, which draws out the debuting Joe Hendry. Joe thinks the best titles in the world are right here and now Castle is the second most entertaining man in ROH.

The champions brag about all of their gold and promise to win tonight.

LSG tells Shaheem Ali to be ready tonight. Kenny King comes in and tells Ali to go show what he used to be.

Clips of the quarterfinals of the Top Prospect Tournament. I still care about none of this.

Next week: Bandido vs. Marty Scurll.

CMLL stars will be at War of the Worlds.

Matt Taven/Shane Taylor/Briscoes vs. Rush/Jeff Cobb/Jay Lethal/Kenny King

Champions vs. Challengers and under elimination rules. Taven and Cobb start things off but Rush and Jay Briscoe come in before anything happens. Some grappling goes nowhere so Rush runs him over and glares a lot. Mark and Lethal come in with the former grabbing a headlock on the mat as commentary talks about Randy Savage. Lethal hiptosses him down for the basement dropkick but King tags himself in and does the same thing.

Therefore Taylor and Cobb come in for the big hoss showdown. The exchange of shoulders knock each other backwards until Cobb nails a dropkick to take us to a break. Back with Cobb chopping Taven and muscling him up for a one armed delayed vertical suplex. Lethal comes in for an ax handle and it’s everyone taking their turns on Taven. Rush hits his own basement dropkick and Lethal grabs a rollup for two.

Taven slips over for the tag off to Jay Briscoe, who takes Lethal into the corner as we take another break. Back with Mark driving Lethal into Lethal’s corner for some reason, allowing the tag to King. Everything breaks down until Mark suplexes King and the Briscoes run him over for two. With everyone else on the floor, Mark uses a chair for a big running flip dive onto a bunch of opponents. Back in and Redneck Boogey gets two on King with Cobb making the save. Amy Rose checks on King, prompting Jay Briscoe to throw water on her. King isn’t standing for that and grabs a rollup to get rid of Jay Briscoe.

King dances a lot and we take a break, coming back to Lethal chopping Taven in the corner. Taylor comes in but King tags himself in again and punches Taylor in the face. It’s Taven coming in and eating a Blue Thunder Bomb but Taylor is back in with Greetings From 216 to even things up. Lethal comes in and gets waistlocked, followed by a slam from Mark as we take a break.

Back again with Mark taking the Lethal Injection for the pin to make it 3-2. Taven comes in again to work on Lethal’s back with a series of backbreakers. Lethal kicks Taylor away, but also into the referee, meaning the hot tag to Rush doesn’t count. Taylor knees the still legal Lethal for two as everything breaks down again. The big no hands dive lets Taven knock everyone down and the Greetings From 216 finishes Lethal to even it up.

The four remaining guys slug it out until Taven reverses the Tour of the Islands into a Russian legsweep. Cobb suplexes Taven down and it’s Rush coming in to strike away. The delayed kick in the face lets Rush be Tranquilo, followed by the slugout with Taylor. A running forearm looks to set up the Bull’s Horns but Taven hits Rush with a chair for the DQ. Taven unloads on Rush with the chair….so Rush stands up. Taylor is back up but Cobb hits an Oklahoma Stampede and a snap German suplex. Now the Bull’s Horns can finish Taylor at 39:52.

Result: Jeff Cobb/Rush/Kenny King/Jay Lethal b. Matt Taven/Briscoes/Shane Taylor – Bull’s Horns to Taylor (39:52)

Rush won’t shake Cobb’s hand to end the show.

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