Ring of Honor
Date: June 20, 2018
Location: Odeum Expo Theater, Villa Park, Illinois
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

We’re less than two weeks away from Best in the World and that means it’s time to start setting up some of the lower matches on the card. Well at least that would be the case most of the time but around here you never know because Ring of Honor doesn’t always announce a lot of its card until the weekend of the show. Let’s get to it.

The Bullet Club is ready for Los Ingobernables de Japon because Los Ingobernables couldn’t sell out an arena in thirty minutes like the Club did.

Opening sequence.

Chuck Taylor vs. Kenny King

Chuck offers a handshake but pulls it away because he’s kind of a jerk. They finally do shake hands and King motions a bunch of hugs to the crowd. A headlock slows Chuck down to start and King runs him over with a shoulder, meaning it’s time to dance. Chuck runs him right back over and it’s time for some Kentucky dancing. They share a hug and Chuck teases jumping him to no avail. More dancing sets up another hug but this time Chuck belly to belly suplexes him to take over.

Back from a break with Chuck missing a middle rope moonsault and Kenny slugging away. Chuck gets sent outside for a dive but let’s stop for King to take a picture with a fan. I mean, he’s not ready to take it so we’ll come back to that later. King mostly misses a high crossbody but gets two anyway. That’s enough for Taylor to send him outside for a dive and NOW we’ll take a picture with the same fan. A Falcon Arrow gives Chuck two and a stuff piledriver is good for two more. King is right back up with the Royal Flush for the pin at 11:37.

Result: Kenny King b. Chuck Taylor – Royal Flush (11:37)

We look back at the Briscoes attacking the Young Bucks a few weeks back.

The Briscoes aren’t happy with being asked why they’re going down the dark road. The Bucks are the best in the world at selling shirts and making Youtube videos, but they can’t take the titles.

Video on Shane Taylor.

Here’s Shane in the ring to call out Josh Woods. He had Woods beaten in Florida when King Mo interfered. Now Taylor is going to beat Woods up faster than Derrick Rose pops his ACL.

Shane Taylor vs. Josh Woods

Taylor wastes no time in knocking Woods to the floor with the power, followed by a big headbutt on the outside. A big Cannonball crushes Woods against the barricade and a legdrop on the apron sends us to a break. Back with Woods reversing a powerslam into a sleeper but Taylor throws him down. The referee gets in the way and Taylor knocks Woods out with a right hand for the pin at 5:33.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Josh Woods – Right hand (5:33)

Bullet Club vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon

Cody, Hangman Page, Young Bucks, Marty Scurll
Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, Evil, Sanada, Bushi

Dalton Castle is on commentary and we’ll look at him for the first few seconds of the match. Cody and Naito start things off with Cody striking his pose and Naito doing his eye opening deal. Naito sends him outside and rolls into the pose, which of course is cheered to high Heaven around here. That’s too far for Cody, who throws a bunch of chairs around. Scurll tags himself in to face Bushi so let’s go back to Castle, who is holding the title upside down.

Ever the evil one, Bushi grabs the beard so Scurll goes for the fingers. That sets up a showdown between the Bucks and Bushi/Evil with the fans not being sure what to do. Ian talks about the teams fought in Osaka, even though Evil and Sanada lost the titles there but came out with them here. Nice try at least. They stare each other down and it’s eventually all ten in the ring for a big staredown. The referee tries to keep order but the brawl breaks out anyway with the Bucks taking over by way of dives and dropkicks.

Scurll kicks Sanada in the face so Page can hit a running shooting star to clear the ring. Cody does the Rise of the Terminator pose to annoy the fans but Takahashi cuts him off with a Darryl shot. Everyone else gets Darryled until a double superkick takes him down, followed by a big rope walk flip dive to Evil and Sanada. The Meltzer Driver is broken up and Evil chops a chair into Matt’s face as we take a break.

Back with things having settled down a bit as Matt superkicks Sanada down. The hot tag brings in Scurll to slug it out with Takahashi but he can’t quite get the chickenwing. Instead it’s the Ghostbuster for two but Takahashi kicks the heck out of Scurll, allowing the hot tag to Evil. Sanada comes in for a bonus, meaning Nick can have extra targets to beat up. The Bucks grab the stereo Sharpshooters but get broken up in short order. Cue Punishment Martinez to fight Page into the back though and we take another break.

Back again with Los Ingobernables cleaning house for a change and a quadruple basement dropkick rocking Matt. There’s a Destroyer to Matt and the Magic Killer gives Bushi two with Nick pulling the referee out. Even Bernard the Business Bear offers a distraction so Bushi mists him for good measure. Scurll hits Cody with the umbrella by mistake and Naito adds Destino…..but it doesn’t matter as the Bucks come in with a bunch of superkicks. The Meltzer Driver ends Bushi at 16:37.

Result: Bullet Club b. Los Ingobernables de Japon – Meltzer Driver to Bushi (16:37)

Cody checks on Bernard and pours water on the mask.

A Best in the World rundown ends the show.

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