Ring of Honor
Date: January 27, 2021
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We continue to be on the way to whatever we are coming up on next around here, which seems to be a lot of television and little more. It should be interesting to see if things change that much with so many of their stars back, at least for the time being. That might be the case again this week so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Back at Final Battle, Shane Taylor Promotions turned down the Six Man Tag Team Titles because the Mexisquad was unable to attend the show due to Coronavirus issues. They’ll have a regular six man tag this week instead.

We look back at Dragon Lee retaining the TV Title last week.

Post match, Lee bragged about winning and said he wanted to know who was next. Brody King popped up to imply that he was.

Josh Woods talks about how it’s always one step forward and two steps back. He beat Jay Lethal and now he needs to beat Dalton Castle as well. They’re both decorated amateur wrestlers and Woods loves the sound of the challenge. All Woods wants is gold.

Dalton Castle gets a phone call but is nice enough to silence his phone. He knows his win/loss record hasn’t been great since he returned but he has been focused on things outside of wrestling. Josh Woods is a beast who is part neanderthal and part gorilla, but there isn’t much above the shoulders. Of course Castle can beat him and move up the rankings so he can go work on his greenhouse again. Woods is messing with a box full of bees with a bunch of holes.

Josh Woods vs. Dalton Castle

Pure Rules. Feeling out process to start with Woods chasing Castle out to the floor in a hurry. Back in and Woods takes him down over and over before slapping on the armbar. With that not going anywhere, Woods whips him hard into the corner and Castle’s ribs are banged up in a hurry. Castle is tied in the ropes and that means it’s time for some knees to the bad ribs.

Back up and Castle goes for the knees but Woods slams him down again with ease. Something close to an abdominal stretch sends Castle to the ropes for his first break and we take a break. We come back with Castle having sent Woods outside but Woods gets back in and they trade places off a backdrop. Castle is all ticked off though and sends Woods hard into the post. Back in and Castle hits a running knee for two but Woods knees him in the back, setting up a German suplex for two of his own. They slug it out with a minute to go but the Bang A Rang is countered into the Woods Lock for the tap at 14:28.

Result: Josh Woods b. Dalton Castle – Woods Lock (14:28)

Post match, Woods says he didn’t like the brawling and fighting because he shouldn’t need it.

The Foundation finds honor in Shane Taylor Promotions turning down the Six Man Tag Team Titles without winning a match. Actions without backing them up means nothing though and now the six man main event is on.

Shane Taylor talks about the Foundation wanting uniformity but knows they want to be Shane Taylor Promotions.

Shane Taylor Promotions vs. Foundation

It’s Shane Taylor/Soldiers of Savagery vs. Jay Lethal/Jonathan Gresham/Tracy Williams here. Khan throws Lethal around with ease to start and Lethal is going to have to think twice about this one. A headlock works a bit better for Lethal but a heck of a right hand puts him on the floor. The Foundation needs a breather on the floor before it’s off to Tracy for an armbar over the ropes.

Shane powers out of that and knocks Williams’ block off with a right hand. Moses comes in to face the much smaller Gresham and powers him into the corner. A wheelbarrow headlock takeover gets Gresham out of trouble but Moses powers him away again. That means another Foundation meeting on the floor so Lethal tries his luck with Moses for a change. An arm snap over the top works this time and it’s Williams coming back in to Fujiwara the arm.

Gresham comes back in but his high crossbody is knocked out of the air with ease. Lethal cranks on the arm to more success and we take a break. Back with Williams tying the arm up and chopping away against the ropes. Moses runs him over though and the double tag brings in Khan to send Lethal outside, setting up a big slingshot dive. Back in and the Lethal Injection is easily blocked and Gresham muscles Khan up with a German suplex.

A middle rope missile dropkick sends Khan over for the tag to Taylor and it’s a package piledriver to Gresham. Everything breaks down and Williams has to fight off the SOS at the same time. Moses hits a running flip dive to take out Williams on the floor. Lethal nails Shane with a suicide dive for two so Gresham dives onto Khan. That leaves Lethal to try the Injection, which is muscled over into Greetings From 216 for the pin on Lethal at 12:08.

Result: Shane Taylor Promotions b. The Foundation – Greetings From 216 to Lethal (12:08)

Shane and company celebrate to end the show.


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