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ECW On Sci Fi
Date: October 30, 2007
Location: Nassau Coliseum, New York City, New York
Attendance: 12,300
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

It’s the Halloween special and this time around that means we have the Monster Mash four man battle royal between Kane, Great Khali, Mark Henry and Big Daddy V. They are leaning heavily into the freak show idea here and that is not a bad idea. I could go for seeing what else they have going on here now that Cyber Sunday is gone so let’s get to it.

We open with a Halloween themed intro, set to something that is in no way similar to a certain Halloween novelty song about a holiday themed dance.

Opening sequence.

Elijah Burke vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Before the match, Burke mocks Yang for being a working class guy. Yang slugs away to start but gets sent to the apron and then out to the floor (where there is some spooky smoke for some atmosphere). Burke starts in on the arm and grabs an armbar back inside, setting up a shoulder breaker. Another armbar doesn’t work that well but Burke is kicked out of the air. That’s about it for Yang’s offense though as he is sent into the corner for the Elijah Express and the pin.

Rating: C-. Little more than a squash for Burke here, which is a good idea as he hasn’t had much going on lately. Sometimes you need to just keep him warm and that’s all they were going for here. At least Yang is some fresh blood around here, even if he isn’t likely to go that far.

Video on Kane.

Raw Rebound.

Nunzio is a vampire and scares a bunch of kids but has them come with him. They go trick or treating to Balls Mahoney (in a cage, not in a costume), CM Punk (behind a KEEP OUT door, again not in a costume), and finally the Boogeyman, who scares Nunzio off and gives the kids worms.

Nunzio vs. Tommy Dreamer

Extreme Rules and it’s Dracula vs. Paul Heyman. Dreamer knocks him down to start and sends Nunzio flying off the apron. A pie to the face rocks Nunzio again as commentary isn’t sure what to make of this. Back in and a really big cell phone to the head sets up an apple bowl to the face, followed by the DDT for the pin. Commentary still can’t figure out who Dreamer is supposed to be.

Rating: C. The important thing here is they didn’t waste a lot of time on a joke that was only so funny in the first place. Commentary not being able to say Heyman was kind of amusing and it isn’t like beating Nunzio is going to matter that much. I chuckled a few times here and wasn’t annoyed so call that a win.

Video on Great Khali.

We look back at the Divas Halloween costume battle royal from Raw, with Kelly Kelly winning.

Miz vs. John Morrison

The winner gets an ECW Title shot. Feeling out process to start with Miz slapping him in the face, sending Morrison into a charge. Said charge is cut off by a drop toehold as Miz seems to be getting smarter by the week. Miz blocks a neck snap across the top and kicks Morrison hard into the barricade. Back in and the springboard kick to the face misses for Morrison, allowing Miz to hit the running corner clothesline for two. The Reality Check misses as well though and Morrison is right back with the corkscrew neckbreaker for the fast pin and the title shot.

Rating: C+. Yeah it’s Morrison getting the title shot again, which isn’t exactly a thrilling concept. Morrison has been the main challenger for the title more than once and it would have been nice to see something changed up. That being said, it isn’t like there is anyone else to go after Punk at the moment so this is kind of the only thing they can do at the moment.

Video on Mark Henry.

Video on Big Daddy V.

CM Punk vs. James Curtis

Non-title and John Morrison is on commentary. Curtis drives him into the corner for some shoulders to the ribs as Morrison isn’t all that impressed by Punk. After fighting out of the corner, Punk kicks away, setting up the bulldog and the springboard clothesline. The GTS finishes in a hurry.

Post match Morrison jumps Punk to leave him laying. The title match is next week as ECW continues its search for some new title contenders.

Monster Mash Battle Royal

Mark Henry, Kane, Great Khali, Big Daddy V

Everyone goes after Kane to start but he ducks underneath them until Henry and V collide for a double knockdown. Khali kicks Kane down and is the only one standing for a bit. Back up and Henry just lifts Khali off the mat (geez) before V seems to drop Kane on what was supposed to be the swinging Boss Man Slam. V splashes Henry into Khali in the corner but misses a charge at Kane and gets eliminated. Henry and Kane clothesline Khali out and we’re down to two. Kane can’t dump Henry but he can kick him in the face and go up top. The top rope clothesline is pulled out of the air though and Henry throws him out for the win.

Rating: C. Sometimes you need a fun main event and that’s all they went for here. Henry being pushed as the next monster should work out as he could be an interesting challenger to Punk if that is where they want to go. What we got here was a fun change of pace, but it does kind of feel like a match that they put on because they didn’t have anything else worthy of a main event.

Overall Rating: C. They kind of punted this week, with the Punk vs. Morrison match being the only thing they set up for the future. That’s not a bad idea here though as it was around a holiday and they were coming off of a pay per view, so have a little fun instead of going through with what would have been another lackluster show. ECW still needs to get some better talent in place, but they also need some better stories because this is only so interesting of a show week to week.

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