Date: April 28, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

We’re in a bit of a weird place here as there is no major match this week. Last week saw Moustache Mountain cheat to retain the Tag Team Titles and in two weeks, Ilja Dragunov defends the United Kingdom Title against Jordan Devlin. I’m not sure what that leaves us with this week but maybe they have something in mind. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Symbiosis vs. Wild Boar/Mark Andrews

Eddie Dennis is here with Symbiosis and it’s a big brawl on the floor before the bell. Andrews avoids a kick in the knee and hits a 619 on T-Bone’s leg, setting up a dropkick to the same knee. Boar comes in for a slam on Primate and then drops Andrews onto him for two. It’s back to T-Bone (still favoring the knee) for a forearm to the back and a belly to back suplex for two. Primate hits an elbow to the face as the villains keep taking turns beating on Andrews.

T-Bone makes the mistake of yelling at Boar though and Andrews slaps him in the face. With that not working, Andrews misses an enziguri but avoids Primate’s elbow, allowing him to dive over to Boar for the tag. A heck of a lariat gives Boar two on T-Bone and Primate is sent outside. Boar’s t-bone suplex gets two on Primate but Dennis gets on the apron for a distraction. Not that it matters as Boar sends Symbiosis into each other and suplexes T-Bone. Andrews adds Fall To Pieces for the pin on T-Bone at 7:26.

Result: Wild Boar/Mark Andrews b. Symbiosis – Fall To Pieces (7:26)

Post match Boar goes after Dennis and grabs the chain so the chase is on, with Dennis running out of the arena.

Video on Von Wagner, who is ready for Saxon Huxley.

Moustache Mountain arrived earlier today and no last week wasn’t nefarious. Trent Seven says that they are going to keep the titles no matter what but now the bosses (whose names he mispronounces) need to find them some real competition.

Sid Scala….is interrupted by Eddie Dennis running away from Wild Boar. Scala is tired of this running so let’s have a Dog Collar match. Boar shows up and chases Dennis off.

Angel Hayze vs. Xia Brookside

Eliza Alexander is here with Brookside, who looks annoyed at Hayze’s presence. Brookside works on the arm to start but Hayze reverses into a wristlock of her own. Brookside stomps on the foot to escape in about as simple of a counter as you can get. That’s reversed with a wristlock takeover and a running kick to the head gets two on Brookside.

Hayze gets kicked out of the corner as Shepherd talks about how whiny Brookside has been as of late. The camel clutch goes on for a bit until Hayze fights up and scores with some forearms. A running shot to the face gives Hayze two but an Alexander distraction lets Brookside grab the rollup pin at 5:06.

Result: Xia Brookside b. Angel Hayze – Rollup (5:06)

Post match the double team beatdown is on but Amale runs in for the save.

A-Kid comes up to Charlie Dempsey at the Performance Center and wants to settle their differences for good. That seems to set up a match but nothing specific is mentioned.

Damon Kemp is officially in NXT UK. That’s a good thing, as wrestlers need to work in front of a different audience and with different people. Johnny Saint even comes in for a cameo to welcome him to the show.

Von Wagner vs. Saxon Huxley

Fallout from Huxley interrupting Wagner’s debut and calling him stupid. They go straight to the slugout to start until Huxley shoulders him down. Back up and Wagner scores with a jumping knee to the face as Nigel talks about how Huxley can be dangerous, depending on which voice in his head he listens to at the moment. A clothesline gives Wagner two and the chinlock goes on. Huxley fights up and hits some running shoulders, setting up a top rope clothesline for two of his own. The Thesz press sets up something in a fireman’s carry but Wagner elbows his way to freedom. Wagner’s Death Valley Driver finishes at 4:04.

Result: Von Wagner b. Saxon Huxley – Death Valley Driver (4:04)

Post match Wagner says Huxley is the first of many and you’re just living in his world.

Gallus had a press conference earlier this week where they promise that they are united and stronger than ever. They all shake hands after answering no questions.

Tiger Turan, a masked man, is coming.

Video on Isla Dawn vs. Meiko Satomura in next week’s Women’s Title match.

Lash Legend is coming. Oh freaking joy.

Here are Sid Scala and Johnny Saint for the contract signing between Jordan Devlin and Ilja Dragunov. Both guys come to the ring and Devlin puts his feet up. Devlin blows into the microphone and says those are the winds of change. Dragunov doesn’t like Devlin belittling this place but Devlin says he IS this brand. He’s the reason for all of this pomp and circumstance but Dragunov says this title defines him.

Dragunov’s worst nightmare is to see Devlin holding the title and it isn’t happening. Devlin knows that it will happen, so Dragunov wants to raise the stakes. That could work, so Dragunov wants to make it Loser Leaves NXT UK. Devlin thinks Dragunov won’t want to be seen after he loses anyway, so he’s in. They both sign and the fight is on, with Dragunov putting the table up in the corner. Devlin uses Scala as a shield though and it’s the Devlin Side to put Dragunov through the table. The fans dub Devlin an Irish coward as he holds up the title to end the show.

Mark Andrews/Wild Boar b. Symbiosis – Fall To Pieces to T-Bone
Xia Brookside b. Angel Hayze – Rollup
Von Wagner b. Saxon Huxley – Death Valley Driver

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