Not so fast my cousin. To say that Roman Reigns being gone from WWE for the time being has changed things up would be an understatement. Reigns was the biggest star on the Monday Night Raw roster and pretty much the company as a whole. His absence throws a big wrench into the WrestleMania plans, but what was planned in the first place? It turns out that it’s not what we may have thought.

Earlier this year, rumors started sprouting up about Reigns facing his cousin the Rock at WrestleMania 35, perhaps even after Rock won the Royal Rumble. The plan for the match would be to give Reigns the biggest rub possible on the WrestleMania stage. However, according to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer message boards via, the rumors are “not true at all”.

I mean, it’s not like he hasn’t tried. Here’s Rock trying to give Reigns the rub before:

Roman Reigns celebrates with The Rock after winning the Royal Rumble Match - WWE Network

Opinion: I could see this one going either way. It’s possible that the story was true at one point and then changed, but you never know with something like this. Reigns getting one big push after another would be nothing new, but WWE has tried using Rock in this spot before to the disastrous reactions. Hopefully Reigns is back sooner rather than later to get anything he can, as that’s more serious than any WrestleMania plans.

Do you think this match was planned? Would it have worked? Let us know in the comments below.

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