Worlds Collide
Date: September 4, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

This is a themed show as we have some unification matches between the NXT and NXT UK Champions. NXT UK is no more and things are wrapping up with this show. That means the card is looking stacked and we should be in for some good stuff. The main event of Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate for both singles titles should be great. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the history of both NXT’s, which set up the title unification matches tonight.

North American Title: Ricochet vs. Carmelo Hayes

Hayes is defending and has Trick Williams with him. Feeling out process to start and they both go with some flips that get nowhere. Ricochet is back up with a dropkick to stagger Hayes so it’s time to go outside for a breather. The Williams distraction lets Hayes get in a shot of his own and they head back inside. A few kicks rock Ricochet and Hayes is starting to get the confidence rolling.

Ricochet flips out and tries the comeback but walks into a heck of a superkick for two. A springboard clothesline gives Hayes two more but Ricochet manages to take him down for a quick double stomp. Back up and they both try springboard spinning crossbodies, meaning a midair collision gives us a double knockdown. Ricochet wins a slugout and kicks him in the head but the Benedriller is blocked. Hayes gets in another kick but misses a springboard spinning crossbody.

The Recoil rocks Hayes but Williams breaks up the cover. Back up and Hayes hits a suplex into a cutter before going up top. That’s fine with Ricochet, who brings him down with a top rope superplex for two, leaving both of them staggered. They strike it out again until Ricochet hits a poisonrana. Ricochet loads up something but Hayes offers a distraction, meaning the shooting star pres is a bit slow. The delay lets Hayes grab a small package to retain at 16:18.

Result: Carmelo Hayes b. Ricochet – Small package (16:18)

Post match Hayes celebrates and Ricochet’s name is added to the list of victims.

Video on Meiko Satomura.

Roderick Strong was attacked in the parking lot, meaning he was taken out in an ambulance.

NXT Tag Team Titles/NXT UK Tag Team Titles: Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus vs. Creed Brothers vs. Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs

Elimination match for both sets of titles and the Creeds and Jensen/Briggs are defending. Lash Legend, Joe Coffey, Damon Kemp and Fallon Henley are here as the respective seconds. It’s a brawl before the bell until we get down to Julius Creed vs. Josh Briggs to start things off. Jensen comes in for an atomic drop/big boot combination but Prince tags himself in to steal the cover.

With Julius not being happy, it’s off to Wolfgang vs. Brutus for some more power. The brawl is on again and the women get in a fight inside. That helps everything break down, with Jensen being backdropped onto Pretty Deadly. Wolfgang superplexes Brutus and it’s a powerslam/jumping kick to the head to eliminate Jensen at 4:15.

We get the Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly showdown, with Wilson’s rollup with trunks only getting two on Mark. Back up and Mark kicks Wilson’s head off for a double knockdown, leaving Brutus to tag himself in. A Doomsday Creed Bomb sets up the sliding lariat to get rid of Gallus at 8:39, leaving us with the Creeds vs. Pretty Deadly for the unified titles.

After security gets rid of Gallus, Prince and Brutus slug it out until Wilson comes in for some knees to the ribs to put Brutus down in the corner. A DDT drops Brutus again but he’s able to get over for the hot tag off to Julius. House is cleaned but here are Briggs/Jensen and Gallus to brawl at ringside again. The distraction is broken up by security, allowing Julius to take Wilson down. Prince tries to grab a chair but Kemp cuts him off…and hits Julius with the chair instead. An Irish Curse plants Julius and Prince gets the pin and the titles at 15:06.

Result: Pretty Deadly b. Gallus, Creed Brothers and Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs last eliminating Creed Brothers (15:06)

Video on Blair Davenport.

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are trying to figure out who they can get to replace Legado del Fantasma when Cameron Grimes comes up. Word on the street is he needs some new friends, so Tony tells him to make an offer. Grimes is good.

NXT Women’s Title/NXT UK Women’s Title: Mandy Rose vs. Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport

Only Davenport isn’t a champion coming in. They strike it out to start with Rose being knocked down, leaving Satomura to hit a running spinwheel kick to Davenport. Satomura and Davenport head outside, leaving Rose to pose in her very patriotic gear. Davenport goes after her and it’s a fall away slam to put her down, allowing Rose to hit a shoulder in the corner.

Satomura pulls both of them outside and kicks away at Davenport against the steps. Mandy is dropped as well, leaving Satomura to take Davenport back inside and charge into a boot to the face. Satomura kicks the invading Rose down for two but Davenport makes the save. Rose catches Davenport on top but it’s Satomura charging at both of them in the corner for some clotheslines.

A double suplex attempt is countered into a double DDT to give Satomura a breather. Satomura hits a series of Satomura Specials before driving Rose down for two, as Davenport comes off the top with a double stomp for the save. Rose is back up to forearm away at Rose in the corner as the USA chant breaks out. Davenport hits a weird looking missile dropkick on Satomura but she’s right back with Scorpion Rising. Rose hits a double running knee though and pins Davenport to unify the titles at 13:28.

Result: Mandy Rose b. Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport – Kiss of the Rose to Davenport (13:28)

Alba Fyre is still ready for Lash Legend.

We see the Axiom/Nathan Frazer segment from NXT. They’ll meet on Tuesday.

Wes Lee isn’t worried about the weird JD McDonagh.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Doudrop/Nikki Ash vs. Kayden Carter/Katana Chance

Carter and Chance are defending. Carter takes over on Ash to start and a running dropkick in the corner gives Chance one. Doudrop comes in to flatten Chance and dance a bit before flattening the champs again. Nikki comes in and ties Chance up in the ring skirt to hammer away. The chinlock doesn’t last long inside but Doudrop is back in with the big elbow. A missed charge hits post though and it’s Carter coming in to pick up the pace.

Ash tornado DDTs Carter to cut her off too and a double neckbreaker gives Doudrop two. A Samoan drop/neckbreaker combination hits Carter so Chance has to make her own save. Doudrop takes Carter up top but here is Toxic Attraction for a distraction. Ash goes after them, leaving Carter/Chance to hit a neckbreaker/450 combination to beat Doudrop at 10:23.

Result: Katana Chance/Kayden Carter b. Nikki Ash/Doudrop – Neckbreaker/450 combination to Doudrop (10:23)

Dyad talks to Grayson Waller, who doesn’t want their button. Waller walks away from them and talks about how his mom yelled at him for poking Apollo Crews in the eye. For once, he was speechless but his mom can kiss his a**.

We recap Tyler Bate vs. Bron Breakker for the NXT United Kingdom/NXT Title. It’s a showdown to unify the titles so one man can be left standing.

NXT Title/NXT United Kingdom Title: Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate

Winner take all and the fans are behind Bate to start. Breakker works on a headlock but has to fight out of a Tyler Driver 97. They collide into stereo nip ups and that’s a staredown. Bate picks up the pace and jumps over Breakker before shoving him into the corner, where Breakker gives him a stare.

Breakker grabs a delayed vertical suplex and hits a standing moonsault for two. We hit the front facelock for a bit before Breakker is sent outside. That means the big no hands dive but Breakker is right back with a powerslam back inside. Breakker drives him outside again but Bate suplexes him down back inside.

The running shooting star press gives Bate two and a bit of frustration is setting in. Breakker gets in a shot of his own and jumps up top for something close to a Steiner Bulldog. A suplex into a powerbomb gets two on Bate and they fight it out from the mat. Bop and Bang is countered into a Fujiwara armbar, which is countered into the airplane spin to give Bate two.

There’s the rebound lariat for two and Bate manages a Tyler Driver 97 for two, leaving them both down. It’s Breakker’s turn with the gorilla press powerslam for two, as Breakker goes to the rope. The spear is cut off with a boot to the face and Bop and Bang makes it worse. Another Tyler Driver 97 is blocked so Bate tries the rebound lariat, only to have Breakker spear him down for the pin at 17:17.

Result: Bron Breakker b. Tyler Bate – Spear (17:17)

Bate presents the titles to Breakker and respect is shown to end the show.


Carmelo Hayes b. Ricochet – Small package
Pretty Deadly b. Gallus, Creed Brothers and Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs last eliminating Creed Brothers
Mandy Rose b. Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura – Kiss of the Rose to Davenport
Katana Chance/Kayden Carter b. Nikki Ash/Doudrop – 450/neckbreaker combination to Doudrop
Bron Breakker b. Tyler Bate – Spear

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