Date: June 16, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s a fallout show, as the big story is finding out what is up with Treat Seven walking out on Tyler Bate and Moustache Mountain. That should be a heck of a promo as we get closer to what could be a heck of a showdown. Hopefully the rest of the show can live up to the hype so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Tiger Turan vs. Josh Morrell

Turan takes him down with a hammerlock to start and grabs a wristlock. Morrell can’t flip out so Turan puts on an armbar to keep Morrell in trouble. That’s reversed into a wristlock but Turan flips him right back for a standoff. There’s a suplex to send Morrell down and a high crossbody gives Turan two….but Morrell is hurt and we’re going to stop it at 3:04.

Result: Tiger Turan b. Josh Morrell via referee stoppage (3:04)

Blair Davenport is coming back from injury.

Myla Grace vs. Lash Legend

Grace hammers away to start and Legend charges into the general vicinity of Grace’s foot in the corner, then kind of rams her face into it. Legend drops her ribs first onto the top rope before ramming Grace’s head up and down between the top and middle rope. A gorilla press…does nothing as Legend puts Grace back down on her feet and then hits a forearm to the face.

Grace’s back is bent over Legend’s knee but she’s up with a hurricanrana. Not that it matters as Legend literally staggers forward instead of flipping, so Grace hits a tornado DDT for two more. Legend kicks her in the face for the pin at 4:36.

Result: Lash Legend b. Myla Grace – Big boot (4:36)

Sarray is coming next week as NXT UK continues to turn into a storage closet.

Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley will be here next week, when the guys are getting a Tag Team Title shot.

Wolfgang/Damon Kemp vs. Sha Samuels/Noam Dar

Kemp takes Samuels down with no trouble to start so Dar comes in to try his luck. Dar gets taken down as well, setting up the rotating gutwrench suplex. Wolfgang goes after Samuels’ arm before handing it back to Kemp to roll Samuels on the arm. Dar finally manages to take Kemp into the corner, setting up a headlock. Some elbows to the chest let Samuels go after the leg, followed by Dar working on the arm.

Kemp gets double suplexed but comes back with a single suplex….only to have Wolfgang pulled off the apron. The tag goes through to Wolfgang a few seconds later though and house is cleaned.  Wolfgang and Kemp can pose together, leaving Wolfgang to spear Samuels for two.

Dar comes back in for a bunch of running kicks to the face until it’s Wolfgang in trouble. Everything breaks down and Kemp gets thumbed in the eye, only to have Wolfgang offer a distraction with a scarf. Kemp uses said distraction to grab a powerslam for the pin at 12:42.

Result: Wolfgang/Damon Kemp b. Sha Samuels – Powerslam to Samuels (12:42)

Post match Samuels tries to go after Kemp and Wolfgang, who take him down without much trouble.

Here is Trent Seven for his big explanation. Seven talks about how he had to sit at home and then he didn’t know what he was going to do. Then he and Tyler Bate won the Tag Team Titles and now he doesn’t feel the same way he used to. Seven invites Bate to the ring and sounds rather sad about what he did.

We get some reminiscing about their time in America and here in England, which Seven says will be memories for the rest of his life. It seems like Seven is done so we get the big hug…and Seven hits him low. Seven says he never needed Bate, slaps him, and hits the Birminghammer. Bate is down so Seven steps on him and does the Moustache Mountain pose before looking relieved to end the show.

Tiger Turan b. Josh Morrell via referee stoppage
Lash Legend b. Myla Grace – Big boot
Damon Kemp/Wolfgang b. Sha Samuels/Noam Dar – Powerslam to Samuels

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