Date: February 10, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

For once, we don’t have a title on the line and after last week, that might be a good thing. Last week’s Women’s Title match ended with a fluke injury to Blair Davenport and she is likely to be gone for a long time. This week’s show is about revenge though as Nathan Frazer gets his hands on Teoman. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Amale vs. Nina Samuels

Fallout for Samuels taking over Amale’s interview and mocking her. Amale slugs away with forearms to start but Samuels grabs a hiptoss. Back up and Amale grabs a butterfly suplex but they head to the apron where Samuels trips her down. A high kick into a slingshot splash gives Samuels two and she rakes Amale’s face into the mat.

The chinlock puts Amale in trouble for a bit until she fights up for the clothesline comeback. A backsplash crushes Samuels for two but she is right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for her own near fall. That’s too much for Amale, who hits a running kick in the corner, setting up the Hope Breaker to finish Samuels at 4:18.

Result: Amale b. Nina Samuels – Hope Breaker (4:18)

A-Kid continues trying to teach Saxon Huxley etiquette, which doesn’t exactly work. Then A-Kid leaves and Huxley is completely sane and normal, only to go nuts again when A-Kid comes back.

Someone steals Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup and locks Dar and Sha Samuels in their locker room.

We look back at last week’s street fight, with Meiko Satomura defending her title due to Blair Davenport’s injury. There is no update on Davenport’s injury.

New #1 contenders Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter run into Moustache Mountain so trash talk can be exchanged. Their title match is in two weeks.

Gallus, now with the Heritage Cup, has taken over the Supernova Sessions set. Actually let’s make that Gallus Boys On Top, with Jordan Devlin as the first guest. Devlin isn’t happy with the changes and thinks they stole his sunglasses. Wolfgang pulls out some sunglasses and Devlin isn’t happy. We’re out of time…but here are Sha Samuels and Noam Dar to interrupt. Samuels makes a bunch of threats but Gallus stops for some pictures with the Heritage Cup. Arguing ensues and Joe Coffey tells Dar to enjoy the Cup while he can. Gallus dances to Dar’s funky music.

Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff try to talk about what happened last week. Starz wants one of Mastiff’s vests but Mastiff says he has to earn it. That’s cool with Starz.

Kenny Williams, in a thunderstorm, talks about how Sam Gradwell has been after him. Williams can weather any storm though.

Saxon Huxley vs. A-Kid

Huxley starts with the stalking and A-Kid has to dodge around in the corner. A-Kid is put on the apron where he gets in a shot to the face, followed by raising a boot in the corner. That doesn’t work for Huxley, who throws him down and then launches him with a slam. Huxley sends him chest first into the corner and gets two off a backbreaker.

Some running sits onto A-Kid’s back sets up a quickly escaped over the shoulder backbreaker. A-Kid picks up the pace with a dropkick and a running kick to the arm. Huxley is sent outside for a suicide dive but he plants A-Kid with another backbreaker back inside. Some forearms to the chest keep A-Kid in trouble until he hits….I think a Sliced Bread out of the corner. An enziguri sets up a springboard moonsault DDT to finish Huxley at 7:04.

Result: A-Kid b. Saxon Huxley – Springboard moonsault DDT (7:04)

Post match, respect is shown and the still slightly nuts Huxley runs off.

Gallus is happy with their show but Jordan Devlin jumps Wolfgang and steals his sunglasses back.

A-Kid is happy with his win but here is Die Familie. Charlie Dempsey nods at A-Kid but nothing gets physical.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Teoman vs. Nathan Frazer

The rest of Die Familie is here with Teoman. Frazer takes him down to start and hammers away before grabbing a headlock. Back up and some right hands stagger Teoman but he’s fine enough to counter a springboard into a neck snap across the top. Teoman grabs a chinlock and we get some rather blatant spot calling.

Some right hands to the ribs and then the back of the neck keep Frazer down but he punches his way back up. They fight to the floor and it’s Frazer hitting a moonsault off of the barricade to drop Teoman again. A few shots stagger Frazer though and it’s a double arm crank back inside.

Frazer fights up and manages a kick to the face, which is finally enough for a double knockdown. A running forearm and a Sling Blade drop Teoman and Frazer dives onto Die Familie for a bonus. Back in and a springboard moonsault is kicked out of the air to give Teoman two. Frazer grabs the rope for a Seth Rollins spin into an enziguri to drop Teoman and, after taking care of Die Familie, the Phoenix splash gives Frazer the pin at 13:11.

Result: Nathan Frazer b. Teoman – Phoenix splash (13:11)

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