Stand & Deliver

  • They’re Back: Two Surprise Returns At NXT Stand & Deliver

    Welcome back. With so many wrestlers on the WWE roster, it can be very easy for one to fall out of sight for a little while before returning later on...

    NewsApril 2, 2023
  • NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 Results

    NewsApril 1, 2023
  • NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    NXT has come a long way in the last few months, having gotten away from the 2.0 stuff and trying to get back to where it was before everything went...

    FeaturesMarch 31, 2023
  • She’s Back: Injured NXT Champion Returns, Officially Added To Major Title Match

    Ready to go. Champions are often the most important people on any wrestling roster as they are presented as the biggest stars around. Outside viewers will instantly get the idea...

    NewsMarch 29, 2023
  • Double Shot: Monday Night Raw Star And Main Event Officially Set For NXT Stand & Deliver

    It’s that time of year. We are less than a month away from WrestleMania 39 and that means it is time to start getting everything ready. While WrestleMania will be...

    NewsMarch 7, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Discusses Introducing New Star For Major NXT Angle

    That’s a way to go. While WWE is on the Road To WrestleMania, NXT has its own major event coming up. The afternoon of Night One of WrestleMania 39 will...

    NewsFebruary 24, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Planning Yet Another Special Event Later This Year

    NewsMay 4, 2022
  • REVIEW: NXT Stand & Deliver 2022: Mostly On The Second Part

    Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling shows for over twelve years now and have reviewed over 6,000 shows. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,...

    FeaturesApril 7, 2022
  • WATCH: Possible Injury Takes Place After Scary Crash At NXT Stand & Deliver

    That was scary. Injuries are one of the few constants in all of wrestling and that is one of the worst parts about the whole sport. You never know when...

    NewsApril 2, 2022
  • Several Titles Change Hands At NXT Stand & Deliver

    The gold is gone. Titles are one of the most important concepts in all of wrestling, as whoever has a title is probably going to be one of the top...

    NewsApril 2, 2022