Date: March 12, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T.

We are less than a month away from Stand & Deliver and things are getting more interesting. Last week’s Roadblock saw Tony D’Angelo crowned as the new #1 contender, with Trick Williams coming back to deal with Carmelo Hayes. That should set up a heck of a one two punch for the big show so let’s get to it.

Roadblock recap.

Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: OTM vs. LWO

This is the first of three first round matches with the winners going on to a triple threat match for the title shot at Stand & Deliver. OTM jumps them from behind in the aisle and it’s Price taking over on del Toro inside. The LWO fights back and knock the villains outside for stereo dives. Back in and Wilde takes over on Nima, only to get caught on top. One heck of a one armed superplex gives Nima two as Baron Corbin/Bron Breakker are watching from the balcony.

We take a break and come back with del Toro coming in to strike away as commentary talks about the qualifying matches for the main roster Tag Team Titles. Del Toro sends Price into the corner with a bit of a sloppy headscissors, followed by a top rope missile dropkick for two. Everything breaks down and del Toro enziguris Price to the floor. That leaves Wilde to jump onto Nima’s back and WAY into the air for a crash onto Price, who has to run up to catch him. Back in and a springboard 450 gives Wilde the pin on Nima at 10:40.

Result: LWO b. OTM – Springboard 450 to Nima (10:40)

Earlier today, Oba Femi arrived and almost got in a fight with Brooks Jensen (his challenger tonight). A bunch of people break it up, including Josh Briggs, with Jensen not being happy about it.

Thea Hail, with Chase U, is jealous about Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx hanging out without her but she has other friends. Cue Kelani Jordan, who will team with Hail tonight.

Here is Roxanne Perez to explain her actions last week. The sweet, innocent Perez is gone and her attacking Lyra Valkyria last week was the culmination of a year of frustration. She defeated Meiko Satomura last year and then collapsed, mainly because she carried this brand for a year. That came after carrying the weight of the women’s division in all kinds of matches but people would rather talk about Tiffany Stratton or Becky Lynch. Not that it matters as she is the most decorated woman in NXT history at 22 years old. Then she helped Lyra Valkyria but never got the rematch that she deserved.

Now everyone wants to cheer her, but where were the people when Indi Hartwell was holding her title? The NXT fans remind her of little innocent Roxanne Perez. What a difference a year makes: now it’s Valkyria riding away in an ambulance and now it’s time to vacate the title so Perez can be champion again. Cue Ava to say not so fast but here is Tatum Paxley to charge at Perez, only to be quickly broken up.

The D’Angelo Family welcomes Luca Crusifino, who has taken care of some things. Stacks played Trick Williams’ music last week and now Tony D’Angelo is off to Stand & Deliver. Ilja Dragunov comes in and everyone but Tony leaves. Dragunov says Tony has everything but the title and that isn’t changing at Stand & Deliver. D’Angelo says no matter what happens, he likes Dragunov, who is then put in a car and driven away by Stacks and Crusifino.

Lexis King vs. Mr. Stone

Stone slugs away to start and is quickly beaten down, with King working on the ribs. A knee to the ribs and a rake to the back set up an abdominal stretch. That’s broken up and Stone knocks him off the top, only to get hit in the face. The Coronation finishes Stone at 3:31.

Result: Lexis King b. Mr. Stone – Coronation (3:31)

Post match the beatdown is on but Von Wagner runs in for the save.

Logan Paul announced Summerslam will be in Cleveland.

Oba Femi is ready to slaughter Brooks Jensen. Dijak comes in to say he’ll be here after Femi is done playing around.

Ridge Holland is training but stops to call his family.

North American Champion: Brooks Jensen vs. Oba Femi

Femi is defending. They fight over a lockup to start and Femi shoves him outside, followed by a headlock back inside. Femi beats on him up against the ropes but gets caught with a clothesline as we take a break. Back with Jensen dropkicking him to the floor and hitting an elbow off the apron.

They get back in, where Femi hits a pair of Irish Curses for two as Josh Briggs comes out to watch. Jensen fights up and hits a quick superkick into a powerslam for two. Femi shrugs that off and hits a backdrop, followed by a rather powerful toss. He does it again and Jensen is barely still in this. The pop up powerbomb plants Jensen but Femi looks at Briggs, setting up another powerbomb to retain the title at 11:42.

Result: Oba Femi b. Brooks Jensen – Pop up powerbomb (11:42)

Briggs checks on Jensen post match.

The D’Angelo Family lets Ilja Dragunov out of the trunk on a bridge. Dragunov goes up to Tony D’Angelo, who says this wasn’t out of disrespect. The thing is Dragunov can’t just walk into D’Angelo’s restaurant uninvited. D’Angelo talks about bringing people to this bridge and leaving alone, but this isn’t one of those times. He can end everything with a snap of his fingers, so Dragunov tells him to show what he can do. D’Angelo says have a nice walk back and goes to leave, but Dragunov says he always finds a way. The Family leaves and Dragunov looks at the title.

Muhammad Ali is going into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Arianna Grace vs. Gigi Dolin

If Grace wins, Dolin has to be more like her. Grace works on a headlock to start but gets sent outside without much trouble. Back in and Dolin hits a dropkick as Booker wonders why they can’t get along. Grace sends her into the corner and stomps away before dropping an elbow for two. The chinlock goes on until Dolin fights up and hits an STO for two of her own. Grace grabs the tiara for a cheap shot but Dolin hits her low…for the DQ at 4:28.

Result: Arianna Grace b. Gigi Dolin via DQ when Dolin hit her low (4:28)

Karmen Petrovic is happy to have Sol Ruca back and Ruca wants Blair Davenport. Lola Vice comes in and gets in an argument with Petrovic. Brinley Reece comes in and is rather pleased with Ruca for breaking that up. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade come in to get Reece away.

Kiana James/Izzy Dame vs. Thea Hail/Kelani Jordan

Hold on though as Kelani Jordan has been attacked so Hail is on her own. Cue Fallon Henley to be Hail’s partner and house is quickly cleaned. Henley takes James down and hits a springboard armdrag on Dame. Back up and Dame chokes her on the ropes before grabbing the neck crank.

Cue Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx, which has Hail rather annoyed on the apron. Henley fights up and brings Hail in to clean house as everything breaks down. Hail’s Kimura to James is broken up and Jayne pulls Henley out of the way of a cheap shot but Hail gets hit in the face instead. That leaves Jayne to Bankrupt Hail for the pin at 4:34.

Result: Kiana James/Izzy Dame b. Thea Hail/Kelani Jordan – Bankrupt to Hail (4:34)

Post match Hail asks what Jayne is doing because this isn’t who Jayne used to be. Hail thought Jayne was cool and her best friend but Jayne doesn’t seem impressed. Hail ignored the bad things from Jayne and idolized her like a sister. She is done though because this is Jayne, who Hail doesn’t want to be. The old Thea Hail is back and she runs around the ring to the Chase U fight song.

Riley Osborne is rather pleased in the back when the No Quarter Catch Crew interrupts. The Crew isn’t impressed and threaten the Catch Clause. Nathan Frazer and Axiom come in to talk about their success, with Axiom saying he’s close to the first champion (“What ever happened to that guy?”) and vague threats are made.

The Good Brothers are ready to win the Tag Team Titles because they don’t think much of Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger know no one is taking them seriously so they’re ready to go on to Stand & Deliver against the Wolf Dogs. Corbin and Breakker come in and give them something of a pep talk.

Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears

Holland powers him into the corner to start and knocks Spears down a few more times. A missed charge lets Spears chop and punch away in the corner before he sends Holland outside. Holland picks him up for a ram into the post and Spears tells him to do it, which has Holland second guessing himself. Instead Spears posts him and then gives him a lecture as we take a break.

Back with Holland fighting up but Spears ties him in the ropes. Spears yells about how Holland has let everyone, including his wife, down. Holland fights up and hammers away but seems scared of a DQ. Instead he sends Spears outside for a ram into the barricade before loading up the steps. A chokeslam through the announcers’ table leaves Spears laying, which isn’t a DQ. They go inside with Holland grabbing a chair but the referee takes it away and puts it in the corner for no logical reason. The C4 onto the chair gives Spears the pin at 9:41.

Result: Shawn Spears b. Ridge Holland – C4 onto a chair (9:41)

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Here is Trick Williams for a chat. He’s having trouble putting this into words but he wants to know why Carmelo Hayes did all this. Williams went to Shawn Michaels’ office because he wanted to be at Hayes’ level. He had no idea it was going to go like this but Trick Willy was born. Then someone attacked him and Hayes lied to his face about it. Hayes has been lying for a long time and now they are going to have a match at Stand & Deliver.

Cue the Meta Four, with Noam Dar finding this interesting. Williams tells him to stay out of this but Dar talks about how they have both lost something. Dar says he is here to steal Williams’ heat, with Williams saying Lash Legend seems to know Williams has heat too. The match is made for next week and the brawl is on, with Williams stopping to kiss Legend (who does not seem to mind one bit). Williams stands tall to end the show.

LWO b. OTM – Springboard 450 to Nima
Lexis King b. Mr. Stone – Coronation
Oba Femi b. Brooks Jensen – Pop up powerbomb
Arianna Grace b. Gigi Dolin via DQ when Dolin hit her low
Kiana James/Izzy Dame b. Thea Hail/Fallon Henley – Bankrupt to Hail
Shawn Spears b. Ridge Holland – C4 onto a chair

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