Date: April 9, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T.

We’re done with Stand & Deliver and it was certainly an eventful show. Trick Williams defeated Carmelo Hayes to win the main event and show that he’s ready to be one of the top stars around here. Roxanne Perez got the Women’s Title back by defeating Lyra Valkyria and Oba Femi continues to show that he is a dominant force in the making. Tonight we start getting ready for whatever is next so let’s get to it.

We open with a long Stand & Deliver recap.

Here is Roxanne Perez to get things going. Perez can’t believe anyone is surprised because what happened on Saturday was justice being served. She saw Lyra Valkyria’s arm being banged up and took advantage of it. Valkyria said she was honorable but Perez found it stupid. No one can take the title from her because the next time she loses the title is when she gives it up to go to Raw or Smackdown.

Cue Valkyria, with her arm in a sling, saying she wants her rematch tonight. Perez rolls her eyes but Tatum Paxley pops up to say she’s ready. Then Paxley sends Valkyria into the steps and walks off. Perez says we won’t be seeing a title match tonight but here is Natalya (who told Perez she was going to see her tonight) to say she’ll face Perez tonight. That’s a no, but here is Ava to say yes.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom are getting their last Tag Team Title shot tonight. If they don’t win here, they’re done as a team.

Andre Chase gives Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley honorary degrees for their win at Stand & Deliver. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx come in with Jayne revealing why Chase U was in debt in the first place: Chase had put a big bet on Thea Hail to win the Women’s Title at the Great American Bash (where Chase threw in the towel to save Hail) but cared more about her than the school. If Hail hadn’t been such a loser, the school wouldn’t have been in trouble. Chase says it’s true and Hail storms off.

Fallon Henley/Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James/Izzi Dame

The villains jump them to start but Jordan grabs a headscissors out of the corner to drop James. Dame comes in and gets sleepered for her quick efforts. Everything breaks down and the villains are sent outside, with Jordan hitting a big slingshot dive. Back in and Dame takes over on Jordan, with James getting in some shots of her own.

Dame’s running elbow gets two and a flapjack gets the same. An abdominal stretch doesn’t last long and Jordan rolls over for the tag off to Henley. The pace picks way up and the spinning superplex puts James down. Henley has to save Jordan from a cheap shot but walks into the 401K to give James the pin at 6:59.

Result: Kiana James/Izzi ame b. Fallon Henley/Kelani Jordan – 4o1K to Henley

Je’Von Evans is ready to go. This is the same video we saw at Stand & Deliver.

OTM is ready to deal with Evans.

The No Quarter Catch Crew (no Drew Gulak in sight) talk about Bloodsport (an independent event over Wrestlemania Weekend where some WWE stars got to compete) but the D’Angelo Family comes in. Insults are exchanged and a match is made.

Je’Von Evans vs. Scrypts

Evans is a 19 year old who has appeared on NXT LVL Up and the rest of OTM is here with Scrypts. They flip around to start with Evans getting two off a rollup but missing some right hands. Scrypts trips him off the middle rope though and a standing shooting star press gets two. The chinlock doesn’t last long and Evans is back up with a springboard kick to the face. A Cody Cutter gives Evans two so Scrypts bails outside, where Evans hits a big dive. Back in and Evans kicks him down, setting up a springboard spinning splash for the pin at 4:32.

Result: Je’Von Evans b. Scrypts – Springboard spinning splash (4:32)

We look at Ridge Holland, on the broadcasting team, attacking Joe Gacy on the Stand & Deliver Kickoff Show.

Holland says he lost it but Gacy pops in to mock Holland for his career falling apart. The LWO comes in to say they don’t buy the apology tour. Holland walks by Joaquin Wilde and slams a door on his arm.

Women’s Title: Natalya vs. Roxanne Perez

Perez is defending and gets taken to the mat to start. They head outside with Natalya hitting a clothesline as we take an early break. Back with Natalya fighting out of an abdominal stretch and grabbing a surfboard. The fight heads outside again, this time with Natalya being sent into the steps.

A bodyscissors keeps Natalya in trouble but she’s right back out with a German suplex for two. The Sharpshooter is broken up and they trade rollups for two each. The crossface doesn’t work for Perez either and Natalya blocks Pop Rox, setting up the Sharpshooter. Perez makes it over to the rope and cue Lola Vice for a cheap shot, allowing Pop Rox to retain the title at 11:28.

Result: Roxanne Perez b. Natalya – Pop Rox (11:28)

The Wolfdogs still can’t agree if they’re a good team but they know it’s working.

Lola Vice says she’s tired of waiting for her chance so she made it herself. Natalya jumps her from behind and it’s broken up.

No Quarter Catch Crew vs. D’Angelo Family

Kemp takes Crusifino down without much trouble to start and hands it off to Borne. That means Stacks can come in to fire off some knees in the corner as everything breaks down. Charlie Dempsey pulls Borne out of the way of a charge though and Kemp comes back in with a suplex to take over. Stacks rolls away though and it’s back to Crusifino, who sends the Crew into each other. Dempsey is brought back inside for a distraction, meaning it’s a Shatter Machine to finish Kemp at 4:02.

Result: D’Angelo Family b. No Quarter Catch Crew – Shatter Machine to Kemp (4:02)

Here is Oba Femi to say that while Dijak and Josh Briggs are tough, his dominance was inevitable. Cue Ivar of all people who said he loved seeing those three monsters beating each other up for that title, which is exactly the type of fight that he is looking form. He wanted in the fight because he knows he can chop Femi down and take the title. Femi seems game and the fight is on with Ivar knocking him down and holding up the title.

Meta Four brags about their hosting prowess but Dijak interrupts to complain about their recent skit. This is their one warning.

Jaida Parker vs. Brinley Reece

The rest of OTM and Edris Enofe/Malik Blade are here too. Parker powers her into the corner to start and knocks Reece down as we take an early break. Back with Reece not being able to fight out of an armbar. Parker lets her go and hits a middle rope Blockbuster for two. The chinlock with a knee in the back keeps Reece in trouble but she comes back up with some shoulders. A running clothesline gets two on Parker, followed by a spinebuster for the same. Back up and Parker hits a running hip to the face out of nowhere for the fast pin at 7:53.

Result: Jaida Parker b. Brinley Reece – Running hip attack (7:53)

Arianna Grace tells Sol Ruca that she’s almost ready to unveil Gigi Dolin but Lola vice comes in to rant. Ruca doesn’t think much of it and sneering ensues.

Tag Team Titles: Axiom/Nathan Frazer vs. Wolfdogs

The Wolfdogs are defending. Breakker works on Axiom’s arm to start but Axiom scores with a quick dropkick. Back up and Breakker hits a heck of a running shoulder so it’s off to Corbin for a choke throw to Frazer. Frazer fights up and the champs are cleared out, with Axiom hitting a big moonsault out to the floor.

We take a break and come back with Corbin hitting a powerslam for two on Axiom. Some kicks get Axiom out of trouble and it’s back to Frazer, who reverses Breakker’s gorilla press into a DDT for two. The springboard 450 gets two more but Breakker isn’t having this. The gorilla pres powerslam gets two on Axiom, who gets back over for the tag to Frazer. Everything breaks down and the Steiner Bulldog gets two on Frazer, with Axiom having to make the save.

Frazer’s dive to the floor is cut off and he gets sent hard into the steps, leaving Axiom to Golden Ratio Breakker. That doesn’t keep him down for very long but Breakker’s spear almost hits Corbin. Axiom kicks them together though, meaning it’s a Golden Ratio to Corbin, setting up the 450 to give Frazer the pin and the titles at 11:34.

Result: Axiom/Nathan Frazer b. Wolfdogs – 450 to Corbin (11:34)

Post match the new champs celebrate….and the Final Testament is here to jump them.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Here is Trick Williams after his win over Carmelo Hayes at Stand & Deliver. Williams is happy for his win but there is no Hayes here this week. He might not agree with Hayes, but Hayes is Him. That’s why he had to show Hayes who Williams really is, but now we need to know what is next for him. That would be winning the NXT Title by defeating Ilja Dragunov.

Cue Dragunov to praise Williams for his success and charisma. He’s exactly what NXT needs, but Williams says we need these two for the title one more time. That’s going to be a no, because Williams has already had his shot. Williams can go with that and asks who he has to beat next. Dragunov is willing to give him his title shot in two weeks, but if Williams loses, he leaves NXT.

Williams is in so Dragunov goes to leave, but here is Carmelo Hayes to jump Williams from behind, knocking him into Dragunov. Hayes stomps away and says it’s a cage match with Williams next week. He holds up the title to end the show.

Kiana James/Izzi Dame b. Fallon Henley/Kelani Jordan – 401K to Henley
Je’Von Evans b. Scrypts – Springboard spinning splash
Roxanne Perez b. Natalya – Pop Rox
D’Angelo Family b. No Quarter Catch Crew – Shatter Machine to Kemp
Jaida Parker b. Brinley Reece – Running hip attack
Axiom/Nathan Frazer b. Wolfdogs – 450 to Corbin

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