Ring Of Honor
Date: April 4, 2024
Location: Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni

It is the go home show for Supercard Of Honor and the show’s card has has grown a bit since last time. Two matches (Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV in a Fight Without Honor and Lee Johnson getting a TV Title shot against Kyle Fletcher were added off air, which is better than nothing. We might get more this week so let’s get to it.

We run down the card.

Infantry vs. Kingdom

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning if the Infantry win or last the ten minute time limit, they receive a future title shot. Taven and Bennett fight over headlock control to start and it’s quickly off to Dean for an armdrag into an armbar. Bennett comes in and gets small packaged for no count so it’s time for an exchange of chops in the corner instead. A jumping elbow gives Dean two and everything breaks down. The Infantry dropkick them out to the floor before taking it back inside, where a Taven has to make the save off a sunset flip.

Bennett’s basement dropkick gets two on Dean, who enziguris his way to freedom. A sunset flip gives Dean two and he plants Taven with a DDT but the tag is broken up. Bennett hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron but Bennett misses Aurora Borealis. The tag brings in Bravo to clean house and he dives onto the champs. A Downward Spiral gets two on Bennett but Boot Camp is broken up. Taven’s Lionsault gets two and the time runs out at 10:00, making the first time that has EVER happened in a Proving Ground match.

Result: Infantry vs. Kingdom went to a time limit draw (10:00)

Post match the Infantry say they’ll have their title shot at Supercard Of Honor.

Kyle Fletcher is ready for Lee Johnson, who comes in to say Fletcher can say it to his face. Fletcher brings up their performances in Survival of the Fittest, which means Johnson can’t take the title from him. Johnson brags about his recent successes and says Fletcher can join the Shorty Show.

Anna Jay vs. Nikita

Anna takes her down with a headlock takeover and then hits a kick to the face for a bonus. Nikita sends her face first into the buckle a few times but Anna is back with a snap suplex. A Gory Bomb finishes for Anna at 2:19.

Result: Anna Jay b. Nikita – Gory Bomb (2:19)

We recap Dalton Castle auditioning new Boys, with Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie dressing up in costumes to mess with him.

Castle is ready to be a phoenix/peacock hybrid (Castle: “A peonix.”) and destroy Johnny TV for good.

Johnny TV is in Los Angeles and says he’ll do unimaginable things to Castle. He always fights without honor because honor sucks.

Nick Comoroto vs. Lee Johnson

Johnson strikes away to start and sends Comoroto over the top, only to have Comoroto skin the cat in quite the impressive feat. Back in and Comoroto runs him over with an elbow to the face as Jacoby Watts comes out to watch. The fans tell Comoroto to SHAVE HIS BODY but his jumping elbow for two on Johnson shuts them up a bit. A neck crank doesn’t work for Comoroto and a missed charge makes it worse. Johnson manages a suplex (the fans are impressed) but the Big Shot Drop is blocked. A superkick rocks Comoroto and a frog splash to the back gives Johnson the pin at 5:46.

Result: Lee Johnson b. Nick Comoroto – Frog splash (5:46)

Griff Garrison and Cole Karter aren’t sure where Maria is but Serpentico comes in to say where she is. He’ll tell them if they sign and date a document, which they sign without reading. Serpentico has no idea where she is but he’ll seem them tomorrow for their match at Zero Hour.

Nyla Rose vs. Alexia Nicole

Rose throws her into the corner, crushes her, and hits a kind of reverse AA (torture rack flipped into a cutter) for the pin at 1:18.

Result: Nyla Rose b. Alexia Nicole – Torture rack flipping cutter (1:18)

Jacoby Watts says he can fix Nick Comoroto, who is in.

Evil Uno vs. London Lightning

Feeling out process to start until Uno is accused of grabbing the hair. With that off the table, Uno shoulders him down and stomps away in the corner, followed by a hard clothesline. For some reason Uno stops to look at the camera, allowing Lightning to gator roll him into a suplex.

A chase around the ring goes to Uno but Lightning shoulders him down for two. Lightning’s chops just wake Uno up, meaning we get a hip swivel. Uno tosses him across the ring a few times and a neckbreaker gets two. Lightning comes back with a spinebuster for two of his own but Uno boots him in the face. The Swanton sets up Something Evil for the pin at 8:08.

Result: Evil Uno b. London Lightning – Something Evil (8:08)

Video on the Premiere Athletes, who are back on Zero Hour.

It’s time for a contract signing for the Women’s Title match, with Lexi Nair and Billie Starkz in the ring. Starkz wonders if she is the new minion overlord if she wins the TV Title and Athena loses her title. That brings out Athena, who seems to be a bit on edge and yells at the two of them.

Nair is ordered to get Hikaru Shida out here so cue Shida, who brings out Queen Aminata to even things out. Aminata is ready to make history with Starkz, who is ready for their match too. Athena says let’s get this over with so she can go to the mall so they both sign. Shida says she’s in Athena’s head and the big brawls are on, with Shida driving Athena through the table.

We run down the Supercard Of Honor card.

We get a sitdown interview with Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston before their World Title match. Mark talks about how he has been here since the beginning of Ring Of Honor with his brother Jay. Eleven years ago to the day of Jay winning his first World Title, Mark has the chance to win it as well. Kingston talks about how he’s hurt from his recent loss but he’s not going to crawl into a bottle because Mark deserves better.

Kingston explains what Ring Of Honor means to him and how important it is to do it in Philadelphia. With all due respect, Kingston won’t lose and they’ll be in each other’s faces. All he wants is Jay clapping from Heaven, with Mark shaking his hands as it’s all respect.

Jack Cartwheel/Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels vs. Action Andretti/Top Flight

Cartwheel and Darius start things off, with Cartwheel’s armdrag not doing much. That means Cartwheel has to settle for his four cartwheels so it’s off to Daniels for an STO. Commentary rattles off as many Fresh Prince references as they can as Darius gets in a shot, allowing the tag to Andretti. The chinlock doesn’t last long as Daniels is up with a Death Valley Driver for a needed breather.

Sydal comes in for an Air Raid Crash for a near fall but has to fight off both Martins. Everything breaks down and Cartwheel cartwheels away. A cartwheel powerslam gives Cartwheel two and Daniels is back in to plant Dante with a Downward Spiral. Andretti hits a big flip dive to take out Daniels and Sydal on the floor, leaving Cartwheel to get kicked in the face. A springboard 450 gives Andretti the pin on Cartwheel at 8:56.

Result: Action Andretti/Top Flight b. Jack Cartwheel/Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels – Springboard 450 to Cartwheel (8:56)

The Infantry vs. The Kingdom went to a time limit draw
Anna Jay b. Nikita – Gory Bomb
Lee Johnson b. Nick Comoroto – Frog splash
Nyla Rose b. Alexia Nicole – Torture rack cutter
Evil Uno b. London Lightning – Something Evil
Top Flight/Action Andretti b. Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal/Jack Cartwheel – Springboard 450 to Cartwheel

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