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Date: February 4, 2020
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Joe Galli, Stu Bennett

This show continues to be tricky to call as it tends to focus on the talking, which is a weird way to go in modern wrestling. That’s what makes it work more than anything else and I could go for more of it. The show is a lot of fun more often than not and we are coming up on the Crockett Cup, which needs to finalize its main event. Let’s get to it.

James Storm and Eli Drake think we should watch Powerrr.

New opening sequence, now with a Pantera song (I’m Broken) instead of Into The Fire.

Here’s Tim Storm for a chat. The fans shout that they love him and he calls them his family. He’s ready for Thom Latimer next week because he wants to prove himself against the best. There have been rumors about Storm retiring from wrestling and there is nothing to them because he wants to be here with his family. He can handle Strictly Business and will never raise his hand against Kamille because Mama Storm taught him better.

Cue Latimer and Kamille with Latimer not thinking much of Storm. Hold on though as we have a surprise: MAMA STORM IS HERE! Well probably not as she needs a shave.  Tim isn’t impressed as “Mama” rambles about taking Tim to see Frank Gotch. Storm doesn’t know if he’s angry or laughing but “Mama” says he should go back to school so he can learn to win a match.

We look back at Thunder Rosa winning the Women’s Title at Hard Times. The rematch is tonight.

Matt Cross vs. Caleb Konley

Ricky Starks is on commentary. They go straight to the mat to start and that’s good for a standoff. Cross headscissors him into the corner and hits a running forearm as the fans go with the LET’S GO CROSS chants. Konley pulls him off the ropes and hits a running kick to the face for two, setting up the bow and arrow hold. That’s broken up in a hurry and Cross hits some running clotheslines for two of his own so Konley small packages him for the same. Konley’s low superkick sets up a tornado DDT for the same but Cross bounces off the rope for a cutter. The shooting star finishes Konley at 5:52.

Result: Matt Cross b. Caleb Konley – Shooting star press (5:52)

Post match, respect is shown.

We look at Nick Aldis setting the terms for Marty Scurll to get another shot at the NWA World Title.

Aldis is wondering why he hasn’t gotten a response yet. Maybe the wolf on the hill is hungrier because the food is right in front of him. His patience is wearing thin so respond, maybe even with a counteroffer. He wants a response by Free Enterprise on Sunday.

Video on Eddie Kingston, the Pope and the Dawsons.

Here are Pope and the Dawsons for a chat. Pope doesn’t need to offer an explanation but this doesn’t speak badly on Kingston. It speaks badly on Homicide, but don’t speak badly on the cashier who is bringing change to the NWA. Cue Kingston, who had to be told not to bring a wrench or screwdriver out here to deal with Pope. Homicide is the reason he didn’t kill himself and that’s real. He got a phone call from some young high fliers who needed a chance to prove themselves, so here are the Bouncers from ROH (Beer City Bruiser/Brawler Milonas, the smaller of whom is about 350lbs). A match is teased but nothing happens.

We look back at Trevor Murdoch yelling at Aron Stevens and announcing their National Title match this week.

Mae Valentine gives us a vlog about how everyone is loving her around here and how hard everything is for her. But her outfits have been awesome! She isn’t wild on Royce Isaacs being so jealous but he won a match while she made a new friend so everything is ok.

National Title: Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron Stevens

Stevens is defending and has the Question Mark with him. The fans are behind Murdoch in a bit of a surprise. They go with back to back headlock takeovers into headscissor counters until Stevens bails into the corner. Murdoch slams him down a few times but a showdown with the Question Mark….means it’s an ejection. Stevens uses the distraction to send Murdoch into the apron a few times and Stevens wants to know how much time is left in the ten minute time limit.

Back in and Stevens drops a knee before hitting a running hip attack to the back of the next. A hard clothesline gets two more and Stevens throws him outside again. Stevens demands a count but only gets about a six before Murdoch is back in. Commentary is right there to point out that Stevens is letting Murdoch recover and it isn’t as smart as he thinks. The chinlock works a bit better and a thumb to the eye lets Stevens put Murdoch on the floor again.

Back in and a suplex puts Murdoch down again so some knee drops can get two. With less than two minutes to go, Stevens throws him outside again but this time Murdoch lands on his feet and comes back inside to hammer away. A full nelson slam gets two on Stevens with less than a minute to go but Stevens pokes him in the eye with thirty seconds left. Stevens jawbreaks his way out of a sleeper as time expires at 10:00.

Result: Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch went to a time limit draw (10:00)

Post match Murdoch hits a top rope bulldog and counts his own pin.

Zicky Dice challenges us to subscribe to the NWA YouTube channel. If they get another 100,000 subscribers, he’ll do whatever the fans want.

Sean Mooney is thankful for the warm welcome he has received and recaps the Aldis/Scurll summit from last week.

Mooney also recaps the Lucky 7 Rule, which now has a graphic showing how many title defenses Ricky Starks has completed.

Ricky Starks is ready to keep the title for a long time.

One more thing: Melina wants to be #1 contender after tonight’s rematch.

James Storm/Eli Drake vs. Jocephus/Mims

Non-title. The fans are glad to have Jocephus back, even as Storm works on his arm. Drake comes in to stay on his arm but an elbow knocks him down. Mims comes in and is quickly run over with a clothesline so it’s back to Storm. That goes badly for Mims as well with Storm chopping him down and Drake hitting a powerslam. Drake fireman’s carries Mims into a Backstabber from Storm for the pin at 3:13.

Result: James Storm/Eli Drake b. Jocephus/Mims – Fireman’s carry into a Backstabber to Mims (3:13)

Clips of Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay for the Women’s Title at Hard Times.

Women’s Title: Allysin Kay vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa is defending and Melina is sitting at commentary without putting a headset on. They trade waistlocks to start before fighting over front facelocks instead. Rosa gets the better of it with a quickly broken Crossface and that means an early standoff. Kay snapmares her down and hits a kick to the back but Rosa snaps the arm over the ropes to take over. The arm is wrapped around the middle rope for a bonus but Rosa switches gears by slugging away in the corner.

The Fujiwara armbar stays on the arm until Kay gets a foot on the rope for the nearly desperate save. Back up and they trade running forearms, followed by the wild slugout in the middle. An exchange of big boots gives us a double knockdown. It’s Rosa up first for a running corner dropkick but cue Marti Belle for a distraction.

Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox come out to stare her away and Rosa grabs a rollup for two. Kay is back with a swinging neckbreaker and a Jackhammer for two but the arm is still hurt. The AK47 doesn’t work and Rosa gets in a Stunner for her own two. A Gory Bomb gives Rosa two more and a Death Valley Driver is good for the same as Kay can’t believe she kicked out. Rosa is right back up with a bridging rollup for the pin to retain at 9:25.

Result: Thunder Rosa b. Allysin Kay – Rollup (9:25)

Post match Rosa leaves as Belle and Melina look at her.

Roll credits.

Matt Cross b. Caleb Konley – Shooting star press
Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron Stevens went to a time limit draw
James Storm/Eli Drake b. Mims/Jocephus – Fireman’s carry into a Backstabber to Mims
Thunder Rosa b. Allysin Kay – Rollup

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