That’s just cool. There are always going to be wrestlers that some fans are split on. You’re just going to see some people who get a different reaction from various fans because of one reason or another. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented, but people see different things in the at different times. However, there are also going to be instances where they do something that is going to (or at least should) receive universal praise.

Lacey Evans would fit this description. There are a lot of things to like about her, with her character, unique look and impressive in-ring abilities, but she was also pushed very hard in a hurry without ever having actually won anything. I could see how fans might go back and forth on her, but she seems to be finding more of her footing as a face. Then she did something to cement that status even further.

Last month, a teacher named Mrs. Alexander tweeted to Evans, asking her to help advertise a fundraiser for helmets for her school’s junior varsity softball team. Evans agreed to pay the balance of the bill, which was finalized on Monday. Evans was interviewed by KFLD (Pasco, Washington) and revealed that the bill was a bit over $278 and that she paid because she had a rough childhood growing up and found an outlet through sports. She wanted the team to have the same chance that she did.

That’s rather cool of her. Check out Evans doing some other cool things:

On set with Lacey Evans and her daughter for Foster Farms commercial

Opinion: It’s very awesome of Evans to do that because she didn’t have to do anything. As she said, this is something she could do to help the kids and that’s exactly what she did. It takes someone special to actually live up to what they talk about wanting to do and Evans backed up her words with some actions. Those helmets can help a lot of kids for years to come and that’s what matters more than anything else.

Do you like Evans’ in-ring abilities? Will she ever be Women’s Champion? Let us know in the comments below.

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