It doesn’t seem to be popular. The biggest wrestling story of the week so far has been Vince McMahon announcing that he is attempting to return to WWE after five months away. McMahon is planning to try to return to the Board of Directors and is threatening to block any media rights deal or sale of the company if he is not allowed. This is going to cause some backlash and it seems to have already begun.

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Fightful Select has spoken to several people in WWE about the situation, with everyone being described as “floored” by the announcement. No WWE department was given a heads up about McMahon’s statement and the main concern is about McMahon possibly returning to WWE creative. Everyone asked felt that the announcement was negative but it was something they would not worry about until they had to. There is no word on when McMahon will be attempting to return to WWE.

There have been a lot of returns to WWE over the years. Check out some of the more positive ones:

Opinion: The more I think about this, the more worried I am. McMahon leaving WWE was one of the best breaths of fresh air the company has had in years and now it might be going away just as fast. McMahon’s version of WWE wasn’t working very well for the fans and you can imagine how bad it would be if he tries to drag it back to that style again. Maybe things get better, but the reaction from WWE does not seem to have the best of hopes.

Do you want McMahon back in WWE? Do you think he will be? Let us know in the comments below.

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