Monday Night Raw
Date: August 5, 2019
Location: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves

It’s the go home show for Summerslam and that means it’s time for a bunch of guest stars. Somehow that includes the Raw World Champion, who is here tonight to brag about beating down Seth Rollins. There isn’t much of a show otherwise as Summerslam is already set, though odds are they’ll add more to it during the show. Let’s get to it.

We open with a moment of silence and the ten bell salute for El Paso and Dayton.

Opening sequence, with a new song and video.

Samoa Joe is standing on the announcers’ table, yells at the three of them over the accusations of being Roman Reigns’ attacker last week. Joe wants an explanation, with Cole saying that 80% of the fans think Joe was the attacker. Joe: “Well I just conducted a poll that says 80% of the WWE Universe are idiots.” We see a clip of the attack and Joe wants to know where the proof is of him doing anything. Joe is going to come out here when Reigns arrives and he isn’t leaving until he gets his apology. This brings out Becky Lynch of all people, which has nothing to do with Joe.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte vs. Trish Stratus/Natalya

Becky tries the Disarm-Her early on but Natalya blocks it without too much effort. Natalya’s cross armbreaker is reversed into a rollup, with a lot of Ronda Rousey references. Charlotte tags herself in and goes for Natalya’s arm but gets sunset flipped for two.

There’s a big boot to Natalya and Charlotte wants to fight Trish. The neck crank goes onto Natalya instead and Charlotte teases a tag to Becky before going right back to Natalya. A loud elbow to the face staggers Natalya but she kicks Charlotte into the corner off of a rollup. It’s a failed Sharpshooter attempt instead of a tag though, only to have Natalya clothesline Charlotte down.

That’s still not enough for the tag, as Charlotte knocks Trish off the apron. Becky tags herself in so Charlotte hits her from behind and walks out. Natalya gets the Sharpshooter on Becky but a rope is grabbed in a hurry, but Natalya doesn’t let go for the DQ at 7:10. Trish was never in the match.

Result: Becky Lynch/Charlotte b. Natalya/Trish Stratus via DQ when Natalya wouldn’t break the Sharpshooter (7:10)

Post match Trish breaks the Sharpshooter but gets shoved away.

We recap Andrade tearing Rey Mysterio’s mask last week.

Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey goes straight at him at the bell but the early 619 attempt is cut off with a shoulder. Andrade gets sent into the corner but pops out to avoid another 619. This time Rey just sends him outside and hits a sliding sunset bomb into the barricade as we take a break. Back with Rey hitting a super hurricanrana for two and an anklescissors makes it even worse.

A kick to the head gives Rey two more and it’s a sunset bomb for another two. Andrade gets tired of this and elbows him in the head to knock Rey silly. Rey catches him on top but gets caught in the Tree of Woe for an Alberto double stomp. The running knees in the corner give Andrade two but Rey is right back with a Canadian Destroyer.

Now the 619 connects but Rey has to glare at a yelling Zelina Vega. The top rope splash hits knees but the hammerlock DDT is countered into a rollup for two more. Andrade hits a powerbomb and goes for the mask, earning some yelling from the referee. The distraction lets Vega snap Rey’s throat across the ropes, setting up the hammerlock DDT to finish Rey at 12:17.

Result: Andrade b. Rey Mysterio – Hammerlock DDT (12:17)

We recap last week’s 24/7 Title shenanigans, with Maria Kanellis winning the title.

Earlier today, Mike and Maria were at her OBGYN appointment with Mike being told that his job is to protect her. Once they were in the office, Mike hugged her…..BUT THE DOCTOR IS A REFEREE!!! Mike leaves and R-Truth and Carmella, the former in a dress are in the waiting room. Mike: “You followed us to our doctor’s appointment???” R-Truth: “OBGY NOT???” Truth throws a fake baby at him and grabs a rollup to get the title back.

Becky doesn’t care if Natalya brings the entire Hart Family because she’s sick of Natalya complaining about not getting a shot. On Sunday, Becky can be Canada’s new hero.

Natalya promises a celebration when she wins the title at Summerslam. She won’t even tap if Becky breaks her arm.

Here are Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman for a chat. Heyman is here to educate everyone here both live and at home and that means it’s time for some questions. Wasn’t Seth Rollins supposed to be the Beast Slayer? The Conqueror’s Conqueror? The one who had Lesnar’s number? Rollins is supposed to be the big hero for the new generation. We see a clip of Lesnar annihilating Rollins last week and badly damaging his ribs. Back in the arena, Heyman talks about the beating from last week being near criminal. Rollins is here in Pittsburgh tonight though, which makes Lesnar smirk.

Cue Rollins, limping badly and holding a chair for support. Rollins gets in and is kicked right in the ribs as Lesnar takes the chair away. That means a chair to the ribs and Rollins gets driven hard into the corner. The slow beating is on with Rollins’ charge being cut off with another knee to the ribs. There’s the F5 and Lesnar poses with the title.

Here’s what you just saw again.

Back in the arena, Rollins is still in the ring but isn’t interested in a stretcher ride. Instead he grabs the mic and says he’s gotten to the point of asking himself if this is worth it. His answer is yes because this is all he has. He’ll be at Summerslam and he’ll beat Brock. He guarantees a win and very slowly hobbles to the back.

Kurt Angle is here to referee the match between Cedric Alexander and Drew McIntyre. The Street Profits come in to plug their title defense at Takeover on Saturday because they’ve been practicing their Three I’s. They want to toast the title match so Ford busts out the cooler with milk as Dawkins hums Angle’s theme.

Angle promised his wife he wouldn’t get too crazy, but Ford asks if his name is Kurt Kanellis. That gets Angle to have some milk but McIntyre interrupts to say his sides were almost splitting. Drew wants Angle to call the match down the middle tonight but brings up making Angle tap earlier this year. If Angle isn’t fair, he’s getting kicked in the face.

Viking Raiders vs. Jay Alexander/Eric Abraham

Abraham wrestled a few times as Idris Abraham in Impact Wrestling. Alexander gets knocked around and it’s Abraham coming in for a German suplex off the ropes. A powerbomb into a top rope splash crushes Abraham and the Viking Experience finishes Alexander at 1:21.

Result: Viking Raiders b. Jay Alexander/Eric Abraham – Viking Experience to Alexander (1:21)

We get a tribute video to Harley Race, who deserves every bit of praise he can get. The best story I’ve ever heard involving him was when Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair were on a Legends of Wrestling round table. Flair was very full of himself and said he was the best opponent Dusty ever faced. Dusty said not quite and Flair wanted to know who Dusty had faced better than him. Dusty: “The greatest opponent I ever stood across the ring from was Harley Race.” Flair had no response because he knew he wasn’t topping that.

Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre

Kurt Angle is guest referee. McIntyre jumps Cedric on the ramp but Cedric fights back and blocks the reverse Alabama Slam on the floor. Cedric manages a tornado DDT off the barricade…..and there go the lights. The Fiend appears and lays out Angle with the Mandible Claw. No match.

OC vs. New Day

Non-title. Kofi Kingston isn’t here but AJ Styles is. And never mind as AJ comes in for the DQ at 20 seconds.

Result: New Day b. OC via DQ when AJ Styles interfered (0:20)

Here’s Ricochet for the save.

OC vs. New Day/Ricochet

Joined in progress with Ricochet flipping out of a suplex to roll AJ up for two. It’s off to Big E. vs. Gallows (now in face paint) with the latter hitting a big boot. The chinlock doesn’t last long so Gallows kicks him in the head again. AJ comes back in and gets suplexed for a double knockdown. It’s off to Woods for the forearms and kicks into the Honor Roll on AJ. A sliding knee gets two on Anderson as everything breaks down. The Phenomenal Forearm drops Big E. but Ricochet enziguris AJ to the apron. Styles trips Woods though and Anderson plants him with a DDT. The Magic Killer finishes Woods at 5:52 shown.

Result: OC b. New Day/Ricochet – Magic Killer to Woods (5:52)

We look at the Reigns attack again.

Here’s Samoa Joe to call Reigns out for an apology. Reigns isn’t here yet so Joe has a seat in the ring instead. Joe counts to three and then says he has all night. As the CM PUNK chants begin, Joe is told that Reigns has arrived so he goes to the parking lot to greet him. Joe comes up to Reigns as he gets out of his car….and another car rams into Reigns’ car (It hit the back, with Reigns diving into the front seat. Also notice the camera cut right before impact.).

Post break we see the car attack again but the car sped away without seeing who it was. Joe checked on Reigns, who was still conscious but banged up. Joe wants a medic out here as Reigns is holding his shoulder. Even HHH came out and Reigns got out of the car on his own power.

Summerslam rundown.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Kabuki Warriors vs. Fire and Desire vs. Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross vs. IIconics

The IIconics are defending and it’s elimination rules. Corey is in need of oxygen due to Alexa and Mandy being in the same place at the same time. The champs knock everyone off the apron to start and it’s a spinning kick to the face to put Cross on the floor. A double wheelbarrow suplex drops Asuka and a double front suplex makes it worse. The bulldog onto Billie’s knee sends Asuka outside and the champs get to pose.

Mandy jumps them from behind and gets one on Billie, followed by a jumping knee to the face to eliminate the champs. Back from a break with Cross tagging in Asuka to face Mandy, seemingly on Alexa’s orders. Alexa comes in to face Asuka but tags Sonya in without any contact. Asuka gets the better of it and kicks Sonya in the chest, only to get kicked right back.

Sane tags herself in and some rapid fire alternating kicks have Sonya in trouble again. Sonya brings Bliss back in so Sane can make fun of her height. It’s quickly back to Sonya vs. Asuka but Mandy comes back in for a jumping knee to the face for two. The Asuka Lock out of nowhere makes Mandy tap and we’re down to the Warriors vs. Bliss/Cross. Back from another break with Asuka holding Cross in something like an STF.

That’s broken up and Bliss slaps Asuka in the face, followed by Cross getting two off a Regal Cutter. A German suplex gets Asuka out of trouble and it’s off to Sane to clean house. Walking the Plank hits Bliss as everything breaks down. The Asuka Lock has Bliss in trouble but she flips backwards for two and the escape. A kick to Bliss’ head sets up the Insane Elbow but Cross shoves Sane off the top. Asuka gets caught in the ring skirt for a baseball slide from Bliss. Sane knocks Cross to the floor and it’s the big right hand to Sane. Twisted Bliss gives Bliss the pin and the titles at 20:46.

Result: Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross b. Kabuki Warriors, Fire and Desire and IIconics – Twisted Bliss to Sane (20:46)

We look back at Lesnar and Rollins.

It’s time for MizTV. After a break, Miz says he’s here to have the contract signing with Dolph Ziggler. First though, here’s Shawn Michaels because he’s involved in the whole thing. Ziggler comes out as well and says he’s been carrying the show for years now. He’s the best thing to happen to wrestling since Shawn lost his smile and Miz lost his balls. Good luck to Miz if he thinks he can win at Summerslam because Ziggler is finally going to get his respect on Sunday.

Ziggler signs and Miz calls him out for saying the same things over and over. Miz says Ziggler has been saying the same thing for ten years now and maybe it’s his fault. He can’t wait to get his hands on Ziggler… week on Raw. See, Ziggler didn’t read the fine print. The contract for Summerslam is for Ziggler against someone else. Ziggler and Shawn stare each other down but Shawn says it’s not him.  The GOLDBERG chants begin and here he is. Everyone clears out and Goldberg signs. Goldberg hits the catchphrase and Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on Ziggler to end the show.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte b. Natalya/Trish Stratus via DQ when Natalya wouldn’t break the Sharpshooter
Andrade b. Rey Mysterio – Hammerlock DDT
Viking Raiders b. Jay Alexander/Eric Abraham – Viking Experience to Alexander
New Day b. OC via DQ when AJ Styles interfered
OC b. New Day/Ricochet – Magic Killer to Woods
Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross b. IIconics, Fire and Desire and Kabuki Warriors – Twisted Bliss to Sane

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