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Fusion #79
Date: October 12, 2019
Location: Auditorio Municipal, Tijuana, Mexico
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch

We’re on the way to SuperFight and the company is getting ready to set everything up. What matters here is they are setting up enough of the big matches to make things work out. I’m wanting to see the show and that is a lot more than several other promotions can say. They’re down in Mexico this time around and that could mean…well probably a bunch of lucha guest stars. Let’s get to it.

Salina de la Renta ran into the Dynasty, who insulted luchadors in general. She didn’t want to hear it because Richard Holliday’s father (Holliday: “Lawyer SLASH father!”) took care of the Von Erichs. A challenge is issued for the Dynasty to face the Parks, which is code for the Von Erichs couldn’t make the show due to visa/travel issues.

Opening sequence.

Oraculo vs. Black Danger vs. Ricky Marvin

This is billed as a trios match, which usually means a six man tag. Oraculo gets beaten down to start and his leg gets wrapped around the rope. The comeback attempt is cut off with a short DDT and a dropkick to the floor, only to have the villains beat him up out there as well. Back in and Oraculo ducks a clothesline to knock Danger down, meaning it’s time to start the dives, including a springboard cutter to Marvin.

That’s it for the alliance as Marvin rolls them both up at the same time for two before going after Danger’s knee. Another cutter gets two on Oraculo and Danger hanging piledrives Marvin to put him outside. Danger hits a double underhook piledriver to plant Oraculo but he’s right back up with a Canadian Destroyer, because you can just pop back up from a double underhook piledriver. Marvin gets dropkicked out of the air, leaving Danger to get sent shoulder first into the post. Oraculo’s 450 finishes Danger at 6:24.

Result: Oraculo b. Black Danger and Ricky Marvin – 450 to Danger (6:24)

Low Ki talks to Brian Pillman Jr. about Austin Aries, who does not worry about his emotions. Pillman is trying to get into a chess game he isn’t ready for, but Pillman says Low Ki knows nothing about him.

The Dynasty isn’t happy about being in Tijuana, but Hammerstone has been buying a lot of….something from a pharmacy. Hammerstone: “It’s legal in Tijuana!”

Salina promises that LA Park is bringing her the World Title. Promociones Dorado is building everything but here’s Josef Samael to interrupt. He knows that she has a lot to offer and suggests that she join Contra before having to deal with the violence. She chooses violence and here’s Jimmy Havoc. Jimmy: “I heard the word violence mentioned and when I hear that word, I tend to turn up.” Havoc wants a member of Promociones Dorado vs. a member of Contra in a Tijuana street fight. Samael says he’ll do it himself.

National Openweight Title/Crash Heavyweight Title: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Rey Horus

Both Hammerstone’s National Openweight Title and Horus’ Crash Heavyweight Title are on the line. The rest of the Dynasty gets ejected and it’s Hammerstone driving Horus into the corner to start. The stomping has Horus down and a pumphandle suplex puts him on the floor. Horus gets dropped face first onto the apron as the dominance is on in full so far. Hammerstone throws him back inside but Horus is right back with a suicide dive.

A springboard Fameasser gives Horus two but Hammerstone blasts him with a lariat to get a breather. Some choking in the corner lets Hammerstone pose and we hit the chinlock. That doesn’t last long so Horus knees his way out of the delayed suplex. Hammerstone heads outside and bails so Horus hits the awesome flip dive over the corner. Back in and Horus hits a high crossbody for two but Hammerstone snaps off a bicycle kick. A German suplex into a sitout powerbomb gives Hammerstone two and it’s time to yell at the referee.

Horus is right back with a springboard tornado DDT for two of his own so he yells at the referee as well. Things keep going badly for the referee, who gets crushed with a splash in the corner. A reverse F5 looks to finish Horus but there’s no count. Hammerstone chairs Horus and wakes the referee up to count the delayed two and the frustration is strong again. Hammerstone’s powerbomb is countered into a Code Red for two more and Horus adds the 450, only to have the Dynasty come in for the DQ at 13:37.

Result: Rey Horus b. Alexander Hammerstone via DQ when the Dynasty interfered (13:37)

Post match Horus gets beaten down.

Gino Medina is coming.

SuperFight Control Center, with Injustice vs. Gringo Loco/Septimo Dragon/Puma King being added to the card.

Tag Team Titles: Dynasty vs. Los Parks

Los Parks (El Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr. instead of Sr. this time) are challenging and under lucha rules because of course. Hold on though as MJF has the mic, which he always should. MJF declares his support for the wall between Mexico and America before handing the mic to Holliday, who talks about his boy Donald. El Hjio de LA Park swears a lot and gets the fans to cheer for Mexico.

Hijo and MJF start things off as the announcers talk about Hammerstone accepting another title defense for the team. MJF takes him into the corner to start and then bails outside as the stalling is on early. Back in and Holliday takes Hijo down and MJF is already posing on the apron. Park comes in for a dropkick and crotch chop to Holliday but MJF gets in a knee to the back so Holliday can take over.

MJF comes back in and chokes away while the referee is busy dealing with Park. The beating continues as Park is messing with MJF’s scarf. A running poke to the eye keeps Hijo down and a double slingshot suplex makes it worse. The champs strut and gyrate into a Paisan elbow for two. Apparently tired of getting beaten up, Hijo gets over and makes the tag to Park so house can be cleaned. A flapjack into a splash gets two on Holliday and it’s a pair of suicide dives to take the champs down again. Park gets sent into the barricade though and it’s the Market Crash to finish Hijo at 8:51.

Result: Dynasty b. Los Parks – Market Crash to Hijo de LA Park (8:51)

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