Main Event
Date: June 6, 2019
Location: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Renee Young

I don’t know if it’s because Raw has been such a mess or because of how terrible Super ShowDown was, but I can’t remember much of anything from this week’s Raw or Smackdown. They’re just shows that happened and nothing is sticking out from them. Hopefully the recaps don’t make me want to pull out my hair. Again. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

EC3 vs. No Way Jose

A shoulder puts Jose down to start so he hits one of his own, followed by a dropkick. An airplane spin doesn’t get Jose very far as EC3 slips out and hits the forward DDT to take over. EC3 hits a hard clothesline for two and a neckbreaker is good for the same. They head up top but Jose shoves him down and hits a high crossbody, followed by a flapjack for two of his own. That earns him a crotching on top though and the 1%er finishes Jose at 5:30.

Result: EC3 b. No Way Jose – 1%er (5:30)

From Raw.

Here’s Seth Rollins for Lesnar’s cash in. Brock’s music plays but he doesn’t come out so Rollins calls him out again. Instead he gets Baron Corbin, who promises to crush Rollins’ dreams on Friday. The fight is on with Corbin getting caught with an enziguri to the floor. Rollins hits a suicide dive and there’s Lesnar’s music again. Corbin hits End of Days though and NOW it’s Lesnar with a chair. Lesnar kicks Rollins low and unloads with the chair, followed by a German suplex.

Heyman wants him to cash in but instead Lesnar throws Rollins outside. Lesnar hits an F5 on the floor (with Rollins bouncing), followed by more chair shots. Heyman starts swearing about how this is the time but Lesnar suplexes Rollins again. Lesnar: “FRIDAY!” And they leave with no cash in, come back to hit Rollins in the back with the briefcase and chair, and leave again with Lesnar doing the boom box thing with the briefcase. Rollins does a stretcher job.

Uh, how about Monday:

Post break Rollins is put in an ambulance with Becky Lynch going with him.

From Smackdown.

Here’s Roman Reigns for an opening chat but Shane McMahon cuts him off. After getting his traditional introduction, Shane talks about being a fine wine who gets better with age. He promises to hit Coast to Coast and then pin Reigns, or make him tap out for the first time in his career. The referee will tell Shane to make him let go of the triangle choke but he’s going to keep it on so Reigns’ eyes pop out as Shane is announced as the Best in the World.

Reigns tells him to shut up because he’ll powerbomb Shane through the mat at Super ShowDown. He’s tired of hearing about how great Shane is because Shane always needs help. Once Reigns gets done with Shane on Friday, he’ll beat Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. As for right now though, the two of them are ready for Reigns. Cue the Revival to jump Reigns from behind, drawing out the Usos for the save in a preview for tonight’s six man tag.

All hail the top star in the company:

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House with a very special episode. This time around, Bray wants to talk about….exercise. Wyatt introduces us to a new character: Huskus the Pig. Bray talks to him about his bad health habits but promises that one day, everyone will tell him that he’s a genius with the whole world in his hands. Then a Vince McMahon puppet with devil horns pops in and threatens to fire Huskus. This leads to a dance workout called the Muscle Man Dance, with Huskus, Vince and Bray all dancing. Now Huskus is in shape.

Dance time:

Natalya/Dana Brooke vs. Tamina/Sarah Logan

Natalya headlocks Logan down to start and it’s off to Brooke in the first ten seconds. The rapid fire tags continue with Logan bailing to the floor as we take a break. Back with Logan holding Natalya in a leglock, which is quickly broken up for the hot tag off to Brooke. That means a bulldog for two but Tamina superkicks Brooke down for the same. The running corner splash misses though and it’s an assisted Swanton to give Brooke the pin at 7:47.

Result: Natalya/Dana Brooke b. Tamina/Sarah Logan – Assisted Swanton to Tamina (7:47)

Super ShowDown rundown.

From Raw.

Here’s Undertaker with five minutes left in the show to address Goldberg. Undertaker asks if you ever think about what happens when you face death every time. Do you choke at the stench of the souls that are already gone? Goldberg will find out on Friday and Undertaker doesn’t want the family. Undertaker wants the unstoppable icon GOLDBERG. If Goldberg brings anything less, their first match will be his last. When the reaper beckons, you answer his call, because Undertaker will claim his soul for all eternity. Goldberg is next. And we’re off the air less than a second after Undertaker finishes talking.

The dead man talks:

The Undertaker sends a chilling message to Goldberg: Raw, June 3, 2019

And from Smackdown.

Here’s Goldberg for the first time ever on Smackdown. He thanks the fans for their chants and says it’s time to get down to business. He’s been waiting over twenty years to face the Undertaker one on one. Last night he heard Undertaker say he didn’t want the family man Goldberg. That statement made a light go off in Goldberg’s head and he knows he wants the same Goldberg to face Undertaker as well.

At Super ShowDown, Undertaker will Rest in Peace…and there goes the gong. Undertaker is behind Goldberg, who seems rather pleased about this. They stare each other down and the lights go out again so Undertaker can disappear. Goldberg says he’ll see Undertaker on Friday and it’s going to be a ride.

The intensity was incredible:

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