Main Event
Date: February 16, 2018
Location: SAP Center, San Jose, California
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

The pay per view season is starting to pick up around here and that means we’re getting closer to the big show with Wrestlemania. Thankfully Main Event is now a show that actually hypes up both Raw and Smackdown, which has needed to be the case for a long time now. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins

Slater doesn’t waste time in shouldering him down a few times and hitting an atomic drop. Rhyno isn’t interested in punching Hawkins, who tries to draw a DQ. Slater follows him out and gets sent into the apron, allowing Curt to send him into the barricade. Back in and Curt gets two off a clothesline, only to have Slater grab a belly to back suplex. A running knee into a neckbreaker gets two but Hawkins grabs a Michinoku Driver for the same. Hawkins is ticked and goes up for a top rope elbow and another near fall. He’s so ticked off that Slater is able to roll him up for the pin at 4:58.

Result: Heath Slater b. Curt Hawkins – Rollup (4:58)

From Raw.

The Miz vs. John Cena

Non-title. Miz covers for two and hammers away for two more as we take a break. Back with Miz hitting his top rope ax handle for two and putting a knee in the ribs for the same. Some rights and lefts to the ribs set up a sleeper for a good while, eventually taking us to a second break.

We come back again with Cena being put into the Figure Four, only to easily raise Miz’s leg for the break. That sets up the STF but Miz is quickly in the ropes. Instead Miz heads up top for a high crossbody, only to have Cena roll through into the AA. That’s countered as well with Miz grabbing a DDT for two. The AA hits on the second attempt but that’s only good for two as well.

Miz crotches him on top and we hit the Figure Four again, but Cena reverses into a Crossface of all things. After the rope is grabbed again, Miz grabs a quick Skull Crushing Finale for two more and frustration is setting in. The frustration is so strong that Miz takes Cena up top for a super Skull Crushing Finale, only to be reversed into the super AA to give Cena the pin at 16:04.

Result: John Cena b. The Miz – Super Attitude Adjustment (16:04)

Better than Wrestlemania.

John Cena vs. The Miz - Loser Enters the Elimination Chamber First: Raw, Feb. 12, 2018

From Smackdown.

Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin

The brawl is on to start with Corbin sending Kevin outside and sending him into the barricade, despite holding onto his banged up ribs. Back in and Owens scores with a shot to the ribs, only to get POPPED in the face for his efforts. They’re right back on the floor in short order with Corbin sending him into the barricade again. They head inside for the second time where Corbin’s slide underneath the ropes is cut off with a superkick to the ribs. The backsplash gets two and we take a break.

Back with Owens still on the ribs before grabbing a chinlock. Corbin fights up (perhaps pushed on by the RUSEV DAY chants) and hits a chokebreaker, followed by the slide under the ropes clothesline for two. Owens gets in another shot to the ribs but charges into Deep Six for two more. End of Days is enough to send Corbin to the pay per view at 10:42.

Result: Baron Corbin b. Kevin Owens – End of Days (10:42)

Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned fight.

Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 13, 2018

And again.

Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sami hides in the corner to start with Ziggler not being able to take him down. Instead he hits Sami in the head and nails the Stinger Splash in the corner. Zayn is right back up with forearms in the corner and a kick to the face as they’re not exactly speeding through the paces so far. Sami’s top rope dive for the sake of being dropkicked out of the air is dropkicked out of the air and we take a break.

Back with Sami in control until Ziggler’s DDT gets him out of trouble. The Fameasser gets two but Sami crotches him on top for a breather. Sami is right back up with a super exploder suplex for two and the shock is apparently. Back up and Sami misses the Helluva Kick, allowing Ziggler to grab the Zig Zag for two of his own. Sami sends him shoulder first into the post and does it again for good measure. Back up and the Helluva Kick is countered with a superkick to send Ziggler to the pay per view at 16:10.

Result: Dolph Ziggler b. Sami Zayn – Superkick (16:10)

Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari

Feeling out process to start until Cedric gets shouldered down and Daivari poses.  Cedric is right back up to show him how it’s done though.  An armdrag into an armbar takes Daivari down but he fights up to knock Cedric outside as we take an early break.

Back with Daivari whipping him around the ring, getting as close to showing fire as he’s capable of doing. Reach for the stars man. A superkick sets up Daivari’s frog splash for two. The hammerlock lariat is broken up and Cedric easily reverses into the Lumbar Check to put Daivari away at 9:45.

Result: Cedric Alexander b. Ariya Daivari – Lumbar Check (9:45)

We’ll wrap it up here. From Raw again.

Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy vs. Apollo Crews vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

One fall to a finish and we’re joined in progress with Crews cleaning house until Balor sends him to the apron for a kick to the head. An Eye of the Hurricane gives Finn two on Bray but Matt has to break up Sister Abigail. Crews and Rollins head up top but it’s Bray breaking up a superplex. The release Rock Bottom into the backsplash is good for two on Crews and we take a break.

Back with Matt applauding Bray before hitting him with the Side Effect. It’s too early for the Twist of Fate though with Rollins making the save. A double Blockbuster takes Crews and Wyatt down, followed by a suicide dive on Wyatt. Back in and one heck of a clothesline gives Bray two on Rollins. The Sling Blade cuts Bray down but Rollins breaks up the Coup de Grace. Bray gets back up so Matt grabs a Twist of Fate for two of his own.

Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Balor for two with Crews diving in for the save. A pop up Samoan drop into the standing moonsault gives Crews two on Rollins. The standing shooting star gets the same and frustration is setting in. Bray pulls Matt outside for Sister Abigail on the floor to knock him silly. Back in and Bray loads up a superplex on Crews, only to have it reversed into the Tower of Doom. Balor and Rollins cover Wyatt at the same time and it’s a double pin at 16:18.

Result: Finn Balor and Seth Rollins b. Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy and Apollo Crews – Double pin on Wyatt (16:18)

They argue and we fade out, with commentary not even saying good night.

It’s still a screwy ending.

Second Chance Fatal 5-Way Match ends in controversy: Raw, Feb. 12, 2018

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