Mae Young Classic
Date: October 17, 2018
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Beth Phoenix

We’re in the final two episodes of the series and that means it’s time for the big names to start fighting each other. This week we have the quarterfinals and therefore should be looking at four matches, though there’s a chance that they’ll have two quarterfinal matches with the winners facing off later tonight. Actually that would make more sense so let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the first two rounds and previews the quarterfinals.

All matches are quarterfinal matches.

Opening sequence.

Lacey Lane is an underdog but the Cinderella story can continue.

Meiko Satomura wants to show the world what Japanese women’s wrestling is all about.

Meiko Satomura vs. Lacey Lane

The entrances now include graphics with names, finishers and styles for a more mainstream sports feel. Lane blocks a kick to start as the announcers try to find new ways to praise Satomura. Meiko blocks a kick of her own and shoves Lacey away. That’s not cool with Lane, so Meiko spin kicks her in the head to really get things going. Lane comes back with a legsweep and kick to the face of her own, followed by a low superkick for two.

Meiko BLASTS her in the head with another kick but she can’t get a cross armbreaker. A suplex drops Lane but she comes back with forearms in the corner. Lane scores with a running knee and a high crossbody gets two. That’s enough for Meiko, who kicks her in the head again and finishes with a Death Valley Driver at 4:34.

Result: Meiko Satomura b. Lacey Lane – Death Valley Driver (4:34)

Meiko Satomura vs. Lacey Lane - Quarterfinal Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 17, 2018

Io Shirai is an awesome high flier and one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Deonna Purrazzo is a young star who loves to hurt people’s arms.

Io Shirai vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They start slowly with Purrazzo shouldering her down. A headscissors doesn’t work as Shirai lands on her feet, followed by a dropkick into a nipup to put Deonna on the floor. There’s the suicide dive for two back inside, followed by a handspring double knee drop to the ribs for the same. A slingshot dropkick misses and it’s time for an exchange of rollups until Shirai hits a jumping double stomp.

Back up and Purrazzo trips her down for the basement dropkick and floats over into the Fujiwara armbar. That’s broken up and Shirai gets a quickly broken Crossface. A 619 into a missile dropkick gives Io two more but Purrazzo is right back up with some rolling German suplexes. The Fujiwara goes on again and Io’s hand goes up for the tap until she turns it over into the Crossface. That’s rolled through as well so Io knees her in the face and hits the running knees in the corner. The moonsault barely connects (Io’s arms slapped the chest and that’s it) to finish Purrazzo at 8:45.

Io Shirai vs. Deonna Purrazzo - Quarterfinal Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 17, 2018

We get the show of respect, which is well deserved.

Tegan Nox tore her ACL just before last year’s tournament and is back to show how good she really can be.

Rhea Ripley is serious this year and ready to beat people.

Tegan Nox vs Rhea Ripley

Nox dropkicks her to the floor for a suicide dive in the first ten seconds…and tears her ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus, plus dislocates her kneecap. Knox limps back into the ring and gets thrown in the air for a faceplant but the referee throws up the X. The doctor comes in but Nox says she wants to go so Ripley chops away. Nox gets in some of her own but a dropkick cuts her off and the referee stops the match at 3:16. No rating due to the injury, which is apparently to her good knee. Nox, in tears: “I can’t do it again.” The place goes DEAD silent.

Result: Rhea Ripley b. Tegan Nox via referee stoppage (3:16)

Tegan Nox vs. Rhea Ripley - Quarterfinal Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 17, 2018

The fans cheer for Tegan as she leaves and the announcers give what sounds like a heartfelt talk about what happened. Beth mentions that coming back with a brace on the knee might have affected her balance.

Mia Yim is back to prove that she belongs here.

Toni Storm knows she’s the best in the world and is ready to prove it as well.

Mia Yim vs. Toni Storm

Mia has a bad hand coming in. Yim kicks her down to start and kicks her in the chest for good measure. Back up and Storm hits a big boot and a running knee in the corner. Storm snaps a suplex for two before stomping on the hand. The fans aren’t sure who to cheer for here and Yim fires off a kick to the arm to cut her down. We hit the chinlock for a bit, followed by a surfboard hold to make Storm scream.

That’s switched to a guillotine choke as this has been almost all Mia so far. Storm powers up into a spinebuster for the break but Mia is right back with more kicks to the chest. A series of strikes into a Pele kick gets two so Storm gets smart and kicks her in the bad hand. With Mia staggered, it’s a headbutt for the double knockdown.

They slap it out with Mia’s hand giving out, allowing Storm to hit a running hip attack in the corner. Storm Zero is countered into a hard Saito suplex for two and a powerbomb gets the same. Sole Food is blocked and Toni cranks on the hand. A German suplex into Storm Zero gives Storm the pin at 8:26.

Result: Toni Storm b. Mia Yim – Storm Zero (8:26)

Toni Storm vs. Mia Yim - Quarterfinal Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 17, 2018

The semifinals:

Toni Storm
Meiko Satomura

Rhea Ripley
Io Shirai

A recap ends the show.

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