They’ve gone big before. WrestleMania is the be all and end all wrestling event of the year. Other than Wrestle Kingdom, nothing is even in the same universe and even then, it isn’t really all that close. However, there are other big shows out there which are going to draw a lot of fan attention as well as a lot of money. Those are some pretty powerful incentives and one major city wants in.

WrestleMania has proven to be a huge cash cow not only for WWE, but also for the city hosting the show. Last month it was announced that WrestleMania 35 brought in $165 million in revenue for New York/New Jersey, or the equivalent of about 1,500 full time jobs. Of the 80,000+ fans who attended the event, over half of them came from outside of the area, meaning they needed hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping and more, all with local taxes being paid. That is a powerful draw and it’s true for more than just WrestleMania.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Orlando, Florida is making an effort to bring Summerslam and/or Survivor Series to their city in 2020, 2021 or 2022. The city has approved $75,000 to spend on bringing in Summerslam and $50,000 to bring in Survivor Series. Local estimates suggest that Summerslam and Survivor Series could bring in $6 million and $4 million respectively. Neither show has ever been held in Orlando, though the city has hosted multiple WrestleManias and Royal Rumbles. Summerslam 2020 has already been set for Boston, Massachusetts, but the other events have not had locations announced.

Good things happen in Orlando. Check out some great pay per view moments from the city:

Opinion: Makes sense to me, and not just because a budget airline flies from the airport ten minutes from my house to Orlando at a cheap price. These major shows have become big deals for the cities as they bring in so much money for doing little more than opening the doors and allowing WWE to run in your major arenas. Throwing in Orlando as one of the biggest tourism destinations in the world and this isn’t hard to figure out.

Which show would fit better in Orlando? Where else would you like to see one of the Big Four take place? Let us know in the comments below.

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