It’s good to be the king, at least for one night. Jerry Lawler is one of the most longstanding legends in wrestling history, having been around for the better part of fifty years now. Somehow that has only resulted in one Wrestlemania match but it turns out that it was an incredibly lucrative one.

According to Lawler on his “Dinner with the King” podcast, he received a $130,000 payday for his losing effort against Michael Cole at “Wrestlemania XXVII”. Here’s what he had to say about the match with transcription courtesy of

Raw: Jerry Lawler challenges Cole to a match at WrestleMania

“My lone WrestleMania match led to my biggest payday ever in the wrestling business. Here’s me, an announcer, having a WrestleMania match with another announcer. In a matter of a few minutes [I was out there], I got paid $130,000 for that match.”

Lawler also spoke about what Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle must feel like by being stuck on the sidelines due to injuries and only being able to be on screen characters instead of getting into the ring like they want to. Here’s what Lawler had to say about either of them getting back in the ring.

“I can relate to both of these guy’s situation. I promise you neither Kurt Angle or Daniel Bryan go into this business and worked their way to the WWE to be general managers on Raw and Smackdown. I can assure they are doing it, but without a doubt, they are doing it because that the WWE wants them to do right now. Because they feel like their wrestling would be a liability in the ring right now. I know that they would both rather be out there performing in front of all the fans in the ring. And it’s gotta be eating them both up inside that the WWE thinks they are not capable of doing that anymore.”

Opinion: Lawler is one of those people who is WAY beyond the point where anything short of a major crime is going to ruin his career so losing to Cole, while annoying at the time, really wasn’t a huge deal. At least Lawler was very well paid for what he did that night and he has the memory of working on a show like that.

What is your favorite Lawler moment? Would you like to see him on commentary again? Let us know in the comments below.


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