Impact Wrestling
Date: September 21, 2023
Location: Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

This is the second week of the 1000th episode celebration and that means we should be in for a big night. In this case, we have a ten woman Knockouts tag match that has quite the potential. Other than that, we have a month to go before Bound For Glory and there is a good chance that we will be finding out more about the show this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Ace Austin vs. Alan Angels vs. Mike Bailey vs. Rich Swann vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Samurai del Sol

Ultimate X (the fiftieth edition) for a future X-Division Title shot. Del Sol clears the ring of Wentz and Angels, setting up a big dive. Swann dives onto most of them, followed by Austin hitting a rolling flip dive of his own. Del Sol, Bailey and Angels go up and hit huge dives out to the other three on the floor for the huge crash (that looked good).

That leaves Swann to hit a top rope cutter, but Bailey and Angels go up top of the structure, with Angels hanging upside down by a leg. Del Sol and Bailey go for the X but Wentz and Angels shake the ropes for the save in a smart bit. Bailey hangs on though, leaving Swann to beat up Wentz on the ground. Angels goes after Bailey but has to snap off a hurricanrana to Swann.

Wentz spray paints Swann as Bailey is now hanging upside down by his legs and trying to get over to the X. Del Sol gets sprayed as well so it’s Wentz, Angels and Austin going after the X as well. They’re all hanging on the cables but Wentz spray paints Austin down. Bailey manages his rapid fire kicks to knock Wentz down but Angels kicks Bailey low to put everyone down. Angels goes back up and gets the X for the win at 9:40.

Result: Alan Angels won Ultimate X (9:40)

Post break Angels announces that he is cashing in his title shot next week.

Dirty Dango vs. Jake Something

Alpha Bravo is here with Dango. We go WAY old school here with the Fox Box, meaning a graphic with a countdown clock on the top of the screen (ten minute time limit) and there is a judge (former Tag Team Champion Chase Stevens) watching in case it goes to a draw. We also get a crawl on the bottom, hyping up the rest of the show.

Something chases him to the floor to start and hits a slam, followed by a clothesline for two back inside. Dango manages a running uppercut for two but Something runs him over with a clothesline. Bravo tries to get in a shot with a flashlight but hits Dango by mistake, setting up Into The Void to give Something the pin at 3:59.

Result: Jake Something b. Dirty Dango – Into The Void (3:59)

Steve Maclin is ready to end things with Rhino, who runs in to jump him.

Post break Santino Marella yells at Rhino, who doesn’t care.

Kenny King vs. Eric Young

King has Sheldon Jean with him so Young has Scott D’Amore. Jean comes in for the DQ at 33 seconds.

Result: Eric Young b. Kenny King via DQ when Sheldon Jean interfered (0:33)

Post match Shark Boy (the Deputy Directory Of Authority) makes it a tag match.

Kenny King/Sheldon Jean vs. Eric Young/Scott D’Amore

The Design runs in for the DQ at 17 seconds.

Result: Eric Young/Scott D’Amore b. Kenny King/Sheldon Jean via DQ when the Design interfered (0:17)

Shark Boy says let’s make it an eight man tag because we have some special guests.

Kenny King/Sheldon Jean vs. Eric Young/Scott D’Amore/America’s Most Wanted

We’re joined in progress with AMW taking over on King, including Chris Harris hitting a bulldog for two. D’Amore comes in to work on Deaner’s arm so it’s off to Young, who has Deaner worried. He’s so worried that he hands it back to King, who takes over on Young. Kon gets in a few right hands before missing a charge in the corner. That’s enough for Young to hit the Death Valley Driver and it’s James Storm coming in to beat on Jean.

King’s cheap shot lets Jean hit a side kick but a hot shot cuts Jean off. Young adds the top rope elbow for two but King hits a Blockbuster. We hit the parade of knockdowns until Harris and Kon have a showdown. Storm hits the Last call on Deaner, leaving D’Amore to hit a Sky High on Jean. Young’s piledriver is good for the pin at 6:56 shown.

Result: Eric Young/Scott D’Amore/America’s Most Wanted b. Kenny King/Sheldon Jean/The Design – Piledriver to Jean (6:56)

We look back at how Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura and Moose won Feast Or Fired briefcases.

We see a clip of Team 3D reuniting last week, with Brother Ray talking about how they didn’t want to have this reunion match anywhere else but here. D-Von credits the fans with bringing him back after his health issues and we hit the catchphrase.

Back to Feast Or Fired, with Yuya Uemura wanting to find “champions”, which Joe Hendry says means a Tag Team Title shot. Bey and Moose want the same thing, but Steve wants a heart, a liver or maybe lungs. Steve gets to open his case first and finds….a Digital Media Title shot, sending him of saying “and the world was full of dreamers” over and over.

Moose finds…..a World Title shot.

Bey finds….a Tag Team Title shot, meaning Uemura is FIRED. Hendry isn’t sure what to say and everything is quiet.

Trey Miguel vs. Josh Alexander

Zachary Wentz is here with Miguel. They start fast and go to the floor, where Alexander blocks a hurricanrana attempt. Back in and a heck of a German suplex drops Miguel but Wentz offers a distraction. The big flip dive takes Alexander out and we take a break. Back with Miguel choking in the corner, setting up a pull on the face. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Alexander fights up and throws Miguel down.

Miguel scores with a kick and goes up, only to have Alexander cut him off. A clothesline drops Miguel but he catches Alexander on top for a super headscissors. The top rope Meteora is countered into Alexander’s ankle lock but Miguel sends him outside. Wentz gets in a cheap shot on Alexander but here is Alex Shelley to drop Wentz as well. The C4 Spike finishes Miguel at 14:04.

Result: Josh Alexander b. Trey Miguel – C4 Spike (14:04)

Post match Shelley says he was out here to hut the Rascalz rather than help Alexander. That’s cool with Alexander, who is coming for the World Title at Bound For Glory.

Will Ospreay will face Mike Bailey at Bound For Glory.

Jonathan Gresham comes in to see Mike Bailey, who asks how he was. Gresham knows Bailey has a bunch of stuff on his plate but wants a good match of his own. Bailey recommends they face off again, which Gresham likes.

Jason Hotch comes in to ask the Rascalz about the Good Hands’ Tag Team Title shot (confirming that they were in cahoots) but Zachary Wentz says it’s not a good time. ABC comes in to show off the briefcase so Hotch stands up to them. The Rascalz bail and Hotch is a bit nervous.

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

Team Beautiful People vs. Team Kong

Beautiful People: Angelina Love/Savannah Evans/Deonna Purrazzo/Tasha Steelz/Gisele Shaw
Kong: Awesome Kong/Jordynne Grace/Gail Kim/Trinity/Mickie James

Raesha Saed, Jai Vidal and Velvet Sky Evans are here too. Love drives Trinity into the corner to start and knocks her down for a bonus. Trinity fights up and knocks her back, allowing the double tag off to Grace and Shaw. A Jackhammer gives Grace two and Mickie adds the top rope Thesz press. We take a break and come back with Kin crashing out to the floor where the villains get in some cheap shots.

Back in and Steelz grabs a camel clutch but Kim is back on her feet rather quickly. Kim grabs a Black Widow but it’s quickly off to Shaw for a swinging Downward Spiral. Mickie makes a save this time and Purrazzo comes in for the chinlock. Kim fights up again and stereo crossbodies leave both of them down.

That’s enough to bring Kong in to clean house. We get the Evans vs. Kong showdown, with Evans blocking a chokeslam. Kong drops her fast as everything breaks down, with Mickie and Trinity hitting stereo Thesz presses. Steelz is sent outside onto some villains plus trinity but Grace fireman’s carries Kim to run Evans over. Kim hits a big dive to the floor and Kong hits the Implant Buster to finish Shaw at 14:34.

Result: Team Kong b. Team Beautiful People – Implant Buster to Shaw (14:34)

The Beautiful People bag Jai Vidal and the winners celebrate to end the show.

Alan Angels won Ultimate X
Jake Something b. Dirty Dango – Into The Void
Eric Young b. Kenny King via DQ when Sheldon Jean interfered
Eric Young/Scott D’Amore b. Kenny King/Sheldon Jean via DQ when the Design interfered
Eric Young/Scott D’Amore/America’s Most Wanted b. The Design/Kenny King/Sheldon Jean – Piledriver to Jean
Josh Alexander b. Trey Miguel – C4 Spike
Team Kong b. Team Beautiful People – Implant Buster to Shaw

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